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IPC::Signal::Force - force default handling of a signal ++

This module exports one function, "force_raise", which invokes a default signal handler regardless of the signal's current handling. FUNCTIONS force_raise(SIGNAL) SIGNAL must be the name of a signal (e.g., "TERM"). The specified signal is delivered t...

ZEFRAM/IPC-Signal-Force-0.003 - 23 Jul 2010 18:54:18 GMT - Search in distribution

perlipc - Perl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes, safe subprocesses, sockets, and semaphores) 210 ++

The basic IPC facilities of Perl are built out of the good old Unix signals, named pipes, pipe opens, the Berkeley socket routines, and SysV IPC calls. Each is used in slightly different situations. Signals Perl uses a simple signal handling model: t...

RJBS/perl-5.20.0   (5 reviews) - 27 May 2014 01:35:13 GMT - Search in distribution

IPC::Run - system() and background procs w/ piping, redirs, ptys (Unix, Win32) 14 ++

IPC::Run allows you to run and interact with child processes using files, pipes, and pseudo-ttys. Both system()-style and scripted usages are supported and may be mixed. Likewise, functional and OO API styles are both supported and may be mixed. Vari...

TODDR/IPC-Run-0.92   (6 reviews) - 30 Aug 2012 15:26:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Expect.pm - Expect for Perl 10 ++

The Expect module is a successor of Comm.pl and a descendent of Chat.pl. It more closely ressembles the Tcl Expect language than its predecessors. It does not contain any of the networking code found in Comm.pl. I suspect this would be obsolete anywa...

RGIERSIG/Expect-1.21   (3 reviews) - 13 Aug 2007 13:52:36 GMT - Search in distribution

POSIX::Open3 - open a process for reading, writing, and error handling using open3() ++

Extremely similar to open2(), open3() spawns the given $cmd and connects CHLD_OUT for reading from the child, CHLD_IN for writing to the child, and CHLD_ERR for errors. If CHLD_ERR is false, or the same file descriptor as CHLD_OUT, then STDOUT and ST...

AMBS/POSIX-Open3-0.01 - 20 Dec 2010 18:35:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Server - Extensible, general Perl server engine 13 ++

"Net::Server" is an extensible, generic Perl server engine. "Net::Server" attempts to be a generic server as in "Net::Daemon" and "NetServer::Generic". It includes with it the ability to run as an inetd process ("Net::Server::INET"), a single connect...

RHANDOM/Net-Server-2.008   (5 reviews) - 12 May 2014 18:22:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Forks::Super - extensions and convenience methods to manage background processes 1 ++

This package provides new definitions for the Perl functions fork, wait, and waitpid with richer functionality. The new features are designed to make it more convenient to spawn background processes and more convenient to manage them to get the most ...

MOB/Forks-Super-0.73 - 18 Jun 2014 23:13:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::OpenSSH - Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH 16 ++

Net::OpenSSH is a secure shell client package implemented on top of OpenSSH binary client ("ssh"). Under the hood This package is implemented around the multiplexing feature found in later versions of OpenSSH. That feature allows one to run several c...

SALVA/Net-OpenSSH-0.62   (5 reviews) - 14 Jun 2014 06:38:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Usul::IPC - List/Create/Delete processes ++
PJFL/Class-Usul-0.45.1 - 09 Jul 2014 19:42:07 GMT - Search in distribution

EmbedIT::WebIT - A small yet very effective embeded web server for any perl application ++
DEVMORFO/EmbedIT-WebIT-1.6.3a - 08 Mar 2010 15:32:56 GMT - Search in distribution

POE::Wheel::Run - portably run blocking code and programs in subprocesses 28 ++

POE::Wheel::Run executes a program or block of code in a subprocess, created the usual way: using fork(). The parent process may exchange information with the child over the child's STDIN, STDOUT and STDERR filehandles. In the parent process, the POE...

RCAPUTO/POE-1.360   (12 reviews) - 08 Jul 2014 12:34:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Parallel::Runner - An object to manage running things in parallel processes. 3 ++

There are several other modules to do this, you probably want one of them. This module exists as a super specialised parallel task manager. You create the object with a proces limit and callbacks for what to do while waiting for a free process slot, ...

EXODIST/Parallel-Runner-0.013 - 07 May 2013 06:14:58 GMT - Search in distribution

AnyEvent::Open3::Simple - Interface to open3 under AnyEvent ++

This module provides an interface to open3 while running under AnyEvent that delivers data from stdout and stderr as lines are written by the subprocess. The interface is reminiscent of IPC::Open3::Simple, although this module does provides a somewha...

PLICEASE/AnyEvent-Open3-Simple-0.79 - 19 Apr 2014 12:25:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Parallel::SubFork::Task - Run Perl functions in forked processes. ++

This module provides a simpler way to run arbitrary Perl code in a different process. This module consists of a fancy wrapper over the system calls "fork" and "waitpid". The idea is to execute any standard Perl function in a different process without...

POTYL/Parallel-SubFork-0.10 - 29 Jan 2010 15:31:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Object::PerlDesignPatterns - Perl architecture for structuring and refactoring large programs 2 ++

PerlDesignPatterns is a free book sporting: Ideas for keeping programs fun to hack on even after they grow large. Object, lambda, hybrid structures, Perl specific methods of refactoring, object tricks, anti-patterns, non-structural recurring code pat...

SWALTERS/Object-PerlDesignPatterns-0.03   (3 reviews) - 23 Jun 2003 13:02:16 GMT - Search in distribution

Queue::Q::ReliableFIFO::Redis - In-memory Redis implementation of the ReliableFIFO queue 6 ++

Implements interface defined in Queue::Q::ReliableFIFO: an implementation based on Redis. The data structures passed to "enqueue_item" are serialized using JSON (cf. JSON::XS), so any data structures supported by that can be enqueued. We use JSON bec...

RGARCIA/Queue-Q-0.23 - 07 Feb 2014 09:17:55 GMT - Search in distribution

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