IPTables::IPv4 - Perl module for manipulating iptables rules for the IPv4 protocol ++

This package provides a nice interface to the IP Tables control API that fairly closely parallels the C API exported in libiptc for manipulating firewalling and forwarding rules for IPv4 packets. Also, a tied multilayer data structure has been built,...

DPATES/IPTables-IPv4-0.98   (2 reviews) - 19 Aug 2003 00:49:36 GMT - Search in distribution

IPTables::Log - Parse iptables/netfilter syslog messages. ++
MEH/IPTables-Log-0.0005 - 17 Dec 2010 21:21:39 GMT - Search in distribution

IPTables::Rule - Perl extension for holding iptables rule information in objects. ++

This package provides a way to build/store iptables rules in objects. It deals with ONLY individual rules; no attention it given to the overall structure of the ruleset (see IPTables::IPv4 or IPTables::IPv6 for that). Once all your criteria has been ...

PHILLIPS/IPTables-Rule-0.01 - 15 May 2012 09:33:47 GMT - Search in distribution

IPTables::Parse - Perl extension for parsing iptables and ip6tables policies ++

The "IPTables::Parse" package provides an interface to parse iptables or ip6tables rules on Linux systems through the direct execution of iptables/ip6tables commands, or from parsing a file that contains an iptables/ip6tables policy listing. Note tha...

MRASH/IPTables-Parse-1.4 - 01 Mar 2015 20:50:07 GMT - Search in distribution

IPTables::ChainMgr - Perl extension for manipulating iptables and ip6tables policies ++

The "IPTables::ChainMgr" package provides an interface to manipulate iptables and ip6tables policies on Linux systems through the direct execution of iptables/ip6tables commands. Note that the 'firewalld' infrastructure on Fedora21 is also supported ...

MRASH/IPTables-ChainMgr-1.3 - 25 Feb 2015 02:08:54 GMT - Search in distribution

IPTables::libiptc - Perl extension for iptables libiptc ++

This package provides a perl interface to the netfilter/iptables C-code and library "libiptc". Advantages of this module: Many rule changes can be done very fast. Several rule changes is committed atomically. This module is heavily inspired by the CP...

HAWK/IPTables-libiptc-0.52 - 30 Nov 2011 12:00:53 GMT - Search in distribution

IPTables::Mangle - Manage iptables rules with Perl / YAML 1 ++

This module allows for the management of iptables rules with Perl / YAML. TABLES The top hashref is the table for iptables, this can be either mangle, nat, or filter. CHAINS The hashref under the top hashref is the chain name. For system chains the d...

MJFLICK/IPTables-Mangle-0.04 - 08 Jun 2013 20:01:39 GMT - Search in distribution
  • ipmangle - Manage iptables rules with YAML files

IPTables::IPv4::DBTarpit - extension for Linux iptables ++

and OPERATION There is no perl module for "dbtarpit". This is a documentation shell. See IPTables::IPv4::DBTarpit::Tools to manipulate and examine the "dbtarpit" database(s). "dbtarpit" is a C daemon that uses libipq (the Linux iptables userspace pac...

MIKER/IPTables-IPv4-DBTarpit-0.44 - 27 Jan 2014 20:47:49 GMT - Search in distribution

IPTables::IPv4::IPQueue - Perl extension for libipq. ++

Perlipq (IPTables::IPv4::IPQueue) is a Perl extension for iptables userspace packet queuing via libipq. Packets may be selected from the stack via the iptables QUEUE target and passed to userspace. Perlipq allows these packets to be manipulated in Pe...

JMORRIS/perlipq-1.25 - 14 Jan 2002 09:27:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Parser::IPTables::Save - A parser for iptables-save output files. ++
GEOJS/Parser-IPTables-Save-0.04 - 03 Nov 2010 19:18:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Rex::Commands::Iptables - Iptable Management Commands 37 ++

With this Module you can manage basic Iptables rules. Version <= 1.0: All these functions will not be reported. Only *open_port* and *close_port* are idempotent. SYNOPSIS use Rex::Commands::Iptables; task "firewall", sub { iptables_clear; open_port 2...

JFRIED/Rex-1.1.0 - 29 Mar 2015 16:10:42 GMT - Search in distribution

VUser::Firewall::iptables - vuser extension for modifying iptables ++

Writes a script containing given iptables rules. This script is not run unless the *firewall|reload* action is given or *Extension Firewall:auto reload* is set. CONFIGURATION [vuser] extensions = Firewall::iptables [Extension Firewall::iptables] # Up...

RSMITH/VUser-Firewall-0.1.0 - 04 Jan 2006 22:27:29 GMT - Search in distribution

POE::Filter::Log::IPTables - filter for processing IPTables logs ++

The Log::IPTables filter translates iptables log lines into hashrefs. PUBLIC FILTER METHODS new new() creates and initializes a new POE::Filter::Log::IPTables filter. You can pass it "Syslog => 1" if you would like it to attempt to remove syslog time...

PAULV/POE-Filter-Log-IPTables-0.02 - 18 Nov 2005 23:54:30 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/App/SilverSplash/IPTables.pm ++
PHRED/App-SilverSplash-0.02 - 11 Sep 2010 04:07:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Bison - IPTables Script generator ++

Bison can be used to generate a firewall script for your Linux box. It doesn't run the commands for you but generates the needed commands for you to run based on the methods you pass. It's also a lot of fun to build them. SYNOPSIS The synopsis is bas...

BRADH/Bison-0.05 - 24 Oct 2011 09:06:32 GMT - Search in distribution

App::Iptables2Dot - turn iptables-save output into graphs for GraphViz ++

INTERFACE new() Create a new App::Iptables2Dot object. dot_graph( $opt, @tables ) Returns a description suitable for the *dot* program of the iptables rules from the given tables according to the options given in $opt. Arguments: $opt A hash referenc...

MAMAWE/App-Iptables2Dot-v0.2.2 - 30 Jan 2015 19:34:15 GMT - Search in distribution
  • iptables2dot - turn iptables-save output into graphs for GraphViz

fwlog - extract connection data from firewall logs ++

fwlog::Auto extracts the following data from firewall logs. - Action - Source - Destination - Protocol - Port Data is returned seperated by vertical bars "|". For example "drop|||tcp|25". fwlog::Protocol resolves IP Protocol number...

EDB/fwlog-1.3 - 07 Jul 2007 01:17:16 GMT - Search in distribution

nfflowd - App to generate Cisco NetFlow from Linux netfilter ++

The application "nfflowd" included in this distribution is designed to run as a daemon (background) process on a Linux based firewall running IPtables. Its purpose is to capture data from the Linux netfilter subsystem about each tracked data connecti...

OLIVER/Net-Netfilter-NetFlow-1.113260 - 22 Nov 2011 22:23:27 GMT - Search in distribution