IRC::Crypt - Perl wrapper for the irc-crypt library ++

Simple wrapper for the irc-crypt -library. FUNCTIONS add_known_key( key ) Add key to the known key pool. delete_known_key( key ) Delete key from the known key pool. add_default_key( addr, key ) Add default key for recipient (channel or nick). delete_...

JASKA/IRC-Crypt-0.01 - 01 Nov 2004 19:07:10 GMT - Search in distribution

bondage - A featureful easy-to-use IRC bouncer ++

This is the command-line program to use Bondage. See the App::Bondage documentation for more details. AUTHOR Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson, LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT Copyright 2008-2009 Hinrik Örn Sigurðsson This program is free software, yo...

HINRIK/App-Bondage-0.4.11 - 07 Oct 2010 01:07:18 GMT - Search in distribution

pmkpasswd - Generate crypted passwords ++

pmkpasswd is a little utility to generate crypted passwords for use with POE::Component::Server::IRC "oper" blocks. It is basically a wrapper for the "mkpasswd" function provided by POE::Component::Server::IRC::Common. By default it produces password...

HINRIK/POE-Component-Server-IRC-1.54   (1 review) - 25 Nov 2011 15:37:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::RJBS - be more like RJBS -- use the modules he likes! ++
RJBS/Task-BeLike-RJBS-20131116.000   (2 reviews) - 16 Nov 2013 22:11:54 GMT - Search in distribution

Bot::Cobalt::Utils - Utilities for Cobalt plugins ++

Bot::Cobalt::Utils provides a set of simple utility functions for the Bot::Cobalt core and plugins. Plugin authors may wish to make use of these; importing the :ALL tag from Bot::Cobalt::Utils will give you access to the entirety of this utility modu...

AVENJ/Bot-Cobalt-0.017004 - 22 Mar 2015 21:57:24 GMT - Search in distribution

OurNet::BBS::Roadmap - The OurNet-BBS development roadmap ++
AUDREYT/OurNet-BBS-1.67 - 11 Nov 2010 03:20:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Protocol::OTR::Channel - Off-the-Record communication Channel ++

Protocol::OTR::Channel represents the OTR communication channel. METHODS account my $account = $channel->account(); Returns channel's Protocol::OTR::Account object. contact my $contact = $channel->contact(); Returns channel's Protocol::OTR::Contact o...

AJGB/Protocol-OTR-0.05 - 18 Dec 2014 22:24:31 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Advent::Year2000 - Modules of the 2000 Perl Advent Calendar ++
DAVIDRW/Advent-Bundles-0.05 - 21 Feb 2011 18:30:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Horris::Connection::Plugin::Twitter - Evaluate Plugin on Horris ++

When bot got a twitter url, Notice the title. SEE ALSO required Crypt::SSLeay for "https" connection AUTHOR hshong <> COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE This software is copyright (c) 2011 by hshong. This is free software; you can redistribute it an...

AANOAA/Horris-v0.1.2 - 12 Feb 2011 09:10:34 GMT - Search in distribution

POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Blowfish - A POE::Component::IRC plugin that provides blowfish encryption. ++

POE::Component::IRC::Plugin::Blowfish, is a POE::Component::IRC plugin that provides a mechanism for encrypting and decrypting IRC messages using Crypt::Blowfish_PP. If there is a blowfish key set for a IRC channel this plugin will always encrypt and...

PLU/POE-Component-IRC-Plugin-Blowfish-0.01 - 01 Sep 2007 20:25:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module::Funcs - various functions put here for inforbot compatability completeness ++
SIMONW/Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-Tools-0.96 - 11 May 2007 13:49:15 GMT - Search in distribution