Image::Size - read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats River stage three • 57 direct dependents • 201 total dependents

The Image::Size library is based upon the "wwwis" script written by Alex Knowles *(*, a tool to examine HTML and add 'width' and 'height' parameters to image tags. The sizes are cached internally based on file name, so multiple calls on...

RJRAY/Image-Size-3.300 - 28 Feb 2015 17:03:17 UTC - Search in distribution
  • imgsize - read the dimensions of an image in several popular formats

Image::JPEG::Size - find the size of JPEG images River stage zero No dependents

This module uses libjpeg to rapidly determine the size of one or more JPEG images....

ARC/Image-JPEG-Size-0.02 - 01 Dec 2017 19:49:03 UTC - Search in distribution

Image::Size::FillFullSelect - Choose wether a image fill setting for a image should be fill or full. River stage zero No dependents

VVELOX/Image-Size-FillFullSelect-0.1.0 - 24 Oct 2009 16:21:01 UTC - Search in distribution

calc-image-resized-size - Given size of an image (in WxH, e.g. "2592x1944") and ImageMagick-like resize instruction (e.g. "1024p>"), calculate new resized image River stage zero No dependents

PERLANCAR/App-ImageMagickUtils-0.008 - 29 Oct 2021 00:05:48 UTC - Search in distribution

MP3::Tag::ImageSize - extract size info from image files via Image::Size. River stage two • 7 direct dependents • 12 total dependents

MP3::Tag::ImageSize is designed to be called from the MP3::Tag module. It implements width(), height() and mime_type() methods (sizes in pixels). They return "undef" if "Image::Size" is not available, or does not return valid data....

ILYAZ/MP3-Tag-1.15 - 23 Mar 2019 00:19:18 UTC - Search in distribution

File::Find::Rule::ImageSize - rules for matching image dimensions River stage zero No dependents

File::Find::Rule::ImageSize interfaces Image::Size to File::Find::Rule enabling you to find files based upon their dimensions. Number::Compare is used so that the sizes may be relative values. ->image_x( @sizes ) =head2 ->image_y( @sizes ) Match only...

RCLAMP/File-Find-Rule-ImageSize-0.03 - 29 Oct 2002 11:08:01 UTC - Search in distribution

Device::PCD8544::Exceptions - All the exceptions we could throw River stage zero No dependents

TMURRAY/Device-PCD8544-0.0268329147520525 - 03 Jan 2015 19:25:28 UTC - Search in distribution

IIIF - IIIF Image API implementation River stage zero No dependents

Package IIIF provides an implementation of IIIF ImageAPI <> based on the ImageMagick <> command line application: Requests to get a specific segment of an image are mapped to command line argu...

VOJ/IIIF-0.07 - 09 Dec 2019 12:22:25 UTC - Search in distribution
  • IIIF::Magick - transform image with IIIF Image API Request using Image Magick
  • i3f - apply IIIF Image API requests on the command line

Gapp::Image - Image Widget River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

JHALLOCK/Gapp-0.60 - 19 Apr 2013 13:02:15 UTC - Search in distribution

SDL2::TTF - TTF Image Loading Library River stage zero No dependents

This extension to SDL2 can load fonts from TrueType font files, normally ending in ".ttf", though some ".fon" files are also valid for use....

SANKO/SDL2-FFI-0.08 - 29 Nov 2021 02:01:01 UTC - Search in distribution

TCOD::Image - The TCOD image toolkit River stage zero No dependents

This class makes it possible to load image files, manipulate them, and render them onto TCOD::Console objects. Likewise, the contents of TCOD::Console objects can be converted to images and saved to disk....

JJATRIA/TCOD-0.009 - 22 Jul 2021 18:08:18 UTC - Search in distribution

Test::Image - test an image River stage zero No dependents

This modules is a "Test::Builder" compatible testing module for testing images. Calling the methods of this module prints out Test Anything Protocol output designed to be processed by Test::Harness during a "make test" or "./Build test". This module ...

FOTANGO/Test-Image-0.02 - 21 May 2007 15:05:14 UTC - Search in distribution

ImagePwd - Full featured Image password generator for Web River stage zero No dependents

ImagePwd is written in pure Perl and generate images that can be used against automatic scripts: about registrations, submittions, flood and any multiple undesired actions. Prerequirements: - PerlMagick package, often became with ImageMagick (http://...

JLISHEV/WebTools-1.27 - 26 Aug 2002 15:26:48 UTC - Search in distribution

cv - a fast gtk+ image viewer loosely modeled after XV River stage zero No dependents

THE IMAGE WINDOW You can use the following keys in the image window: q quit the program < half the image size > double the image size , shrink the image by ~9% (opposite of .) . enlarge the image by 10% n reset to normal size m maximize to screensize...

MLEHMANN/Gtk2-CV-1.9 - 09 May 2021 11:05:06 UTC - Search in distribution

Graphics::DZI - DeepZoom Image Pyramid Generation River stage zero No dependents

This base package generates tiles from a given image in such a way that they follow the DeepZoom image pyramid scheme. Consequently this image becomes zoomable with tools like Seadragon. As this is a base class,...

DRRHO/Graphics-DZI-0.05 - 23 Apr 2010 12:13:06 UTC - Search in distribution

Imager::Files - working with image files River stage three • 104 direct dependents • 114 total dependents

You can read and write a variety of images formats, assuming you have the appropriate libraries, and images can be read or written to/from files, file handles, file descriptors, scalars, or through callbacks. To see which image formats Imager is comp...

TONYC/Imager-1.012 - 14 Jun 2020 03:26:02 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::Image - Generate a new image size, e.g. Thumbnail on the fly of any image, even dynamically generated (EXPERIMENTAL RELEASE) River stage zero No dependents

Automatically generate thumbnail images on the fly from any Apache source. This includes but is not limited to: local files; Subversion; Generated / Dynamic images from CGIâ PHP, mod_perl and more. Features: (XXX fix formating) * Generate thumbnails ...

SCOTT/Apache-Image-v0.0.4 - 25 Jun 2007 00:17:50 UTC - Search in distribution

GD - Interface to Gd Graphics Library River stage three • 95 direct dependents • 151 total dependents is a Perl interface to Thomas Boutell's gd graphics library (version 2.01 or higher; see below). GD allows you to create color drawings using a large number of graphics primitives, and emit the drawings as PNG files. GD defines the following fo...

RURBAN/GD-2.73 - 24 Sep 2020 13:01:57 UTC - Search in distribution

entile - create a tiled image pyramid River stage zero No dependents

entile takes an image file name and splits it into a collection of equally sized JPEG tiles representing the image at all resolutions. e.g. a 1024x1024 pixel image will be split into the following: 16 full resolution 256x256 tiles 4 half resolution 2...

BPOSTLE/Panotools-Script-0.29 - 11 May 2019 19:24:26 UTC - Search in distribution

vl - Makes CUI table vertical River stage zero No dependents

BAYASHI/App-vl-0.03 - 27 Oct 2018 19:53:56 UTC - Search in distribution
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