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Image::EXIF - Perl extension for exif library 1 ++

Perl package Image::EXIF based on exiftags by Eric M. Johnston: <http://johnst.org/sw/exiftags/>. AUTHORS * Aaron Crane <arc@cpan.org> (current maintainer) * sergey s prozhogin <ccpro@rrelaxo.org.ru> REPORTING BUGS Please report bugs at either of the...

ARC/Image-EXIF-2.01   (3 reviews) - 11 May 2012 17:14:00 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::ExifTool::Exif - Read EXIF/TIFF meta information 17 ++

This module contains routines required by Image::ExifTool for processing EXIF and TIFF meta information. AUTHOR Copyright 2003-2014, Phil Harvey (phil at owl.phy.queensu.ca) This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it unde...

EXIFTOOL/Image-ExifTool-9.60   (10 reviews) - 11 May 2014 13:34:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::EXIF::DateTime::Parser - parser for EXIF date/time strings ++

While parsing standards-compliant EXIF Date/Time string is easy, allowing for the various ways different non-standards-compliant implementations mangle these strings is neither easy nor pleasant. This module encapsulates this complexity for you. It p...

PORRIDGE/Image-EXIF-DateTime-Parser-1.2 - 03 Jan 2010 11:21:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::Shoehorn::Gallery - generate "smart" HTML slideshows from a directory of image files. ++

Image::Shoehorn::Gallery generates HTML slideshows from a directory of image files. But wait, there's more! Image::Shoehorn uses *XML::Filter::XML_Directory_2XHTML*, *XML::SAX::Machines* and a small army of *Image::** packages allowing you to : * Cre...

ASCOPE/Image-Shoehorn-Gallery-0.22 - 02 Sep 2002 15:40:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::LibExif - Read EXIF. Efficiently ++

Very simple and very fast (about 30 times faster than Image::ExifTool) EXIF extractor, based on libexif. EXPORT image_exif SEE ALSO * Image::ExifTool - Very powerful EXIF manipulation module, but a bit slow * Image::EXIF - Another EXIF reader, that i...

MONS/Image-LibExif-0.04 - 26 Nov 2010 23:41:45 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::ExifTool::Location - Easy setting, getting of an image's location information ++

"Image::ExifTool" is a versatile module for reading and writing EXIF data in a number of image formats. This module extends its interface adding methods that simplify the reading and writing of GPS location information. Without this module the interf...

ANDYA/Image-ExifTool-Location-v0.0.4 - 23 Feb 2007 23:58:13 GMT - Search in distribution

MP3::Tag::ImageExifTool - extract size info from image files via Image::Size. 1 ++

MP3::Tag::ImageExifTool is designed to be called from the MP3::Tag module. It implements width(), height() and mime_type() methods (sizes in pixels). They return "undef" if "Image::Size" is not available, or does not return valid data. ...

ILYAZ/MP3-Tag-1.13 - 13 Jul 2010 14:12:34 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/App/MaMGal/ImageInfo/ExifTool.pm ++
PORRIDGE/App-MaMGal-1.4 - 05 Apr 2011 11:52:34 GMT - Search in distribution
  • mamgal - a program for creating static image galleries

Album - Create and maintain browser based photo albums ++

For a description how to use the program, see Album::Tutorial. DEPENDENCIES Album requires the following Perl modules, all available on CPAN: * File::Spec (Standard part of perl 5.8) * Image::Info * Image::Magick (PerlMagick). Of course, this require...

JV/Album-1.06 - 02 Apr 2007 09:11:46 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Album - create and maintain HTML based photo albums
  • Album::Tutorial - How to use the Album program

App::tkiv - An image viewer in Perl::Tk based on IrfanView 1 ++

"iv" is a pure-perl application that was written to mimic the behavior of the image view and manipulation program "irfanview", which is available as freeware on Windows. Linux already offers many free image view and manipulation programs, but none ga...

HMBRAND/App-tkiv-0.125 - 14 Sep 2013 06:42:44 GMT - Search in distribution
  • App::tkiv - An image viewer in Perl::Tk based on IrfanView

p800exif - add the date encoded in a P800 picture filename to the file ++

p800exif attaches the timestamp encoded in the filename of pictures created with a Sony Ericsson P800 camera phone to the file as EXIF information in the image file or as the file's modification time. REQUIRED ARGUMENTS A filename. OPTIONS --make, --...

IPENBURG/Date-Extract-P800Picture-0.106 - 30 Aug 2013 19:49:10 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::MeGa - A MediaGallery ++

THIS IS A SECURITY BUGFIX RELEASE. PLEASE UPDATE TO 0.1.1 IF YOU HAVE 0.1 WWW::MeGa is a web based media gallery. It should be run from FastCGI (see examples/gallery.fcgi) or mod_perl (not yet tested) because it uses some runtime caching. Every file ...

FISH/WWW-MeGa-0.11 - 16 Jan 2009 23:31:14 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::Info - Extract meta information from image files 3 ++

This module provide functions to extract various kind of meta information from image files. EXPORTS Exports nothing by default, but can export the following methods on request: image_info image_type dim html_dim determine_file_type METHODS The follow...

SREZIC/Image-Info-1.36   (6 reviews) - 05 Jul 2013 08:23:26 GMT - Search in distribution

panostart - identify likely panorama sequences ++

panostart takes a list of image files and creates a Makefile containing rules to generate panoramas from the images. LICENSE This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as ...

BPOSTLE/Panotools-Script-0.28 - 18 Aug 2013 23:05:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::Scale - Fast, high-quality fixed-point image resizing 1 ++

This module implements several resizing algorithms with a focus on low overhead, speed and minimal features. Algorithms available are: GD's copyResampled (floating-point) GD's copyResampled fixed-point (useful on embedded devices/NAS devices) Graphic...

AGRUNDMA/Image-Scale-0.08 - 24 Aug 2011 21:25:38 GMT - Search in distribution

Imager::Files - working with image files 38 ++

You can read and write a variety of images formats, assuming you have the appropriate libraries, and images can be read or written to/from files, file handles, file descriptors, scalars, or through callbacks. To see which image formats Imager is comp...

TONYC/Imager-0.99   (12 reviews) - 25 Jun 2014 11:36:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Apache::Gallery - mod_perl handler to create an image gallery ++

Apache::Gallery creates an thumbnail index of each directory and allows viewing pictures in different resolutions. Pictures are resized on the fly and cached. The gallery can be configured and customized in many ways and a custom copyright image can ...

LEGART/Apache-Gallery-1.0.2-withoutworldwriteables - 08 Jun 2011 18:58:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::JpegTran - XS wrapper around lossless JPEG transformation utility - jpegtran ++

Use lossless jpeg transformations, like when using "jpegtran" utility, from Perl OPTIONS copy => 'none' Copy no extra markers from source file copy => 'comments' Copy only comment markers copy => 'all' Copy all extra markers (comments and EXIF) (defa...

MONS/Image-JpegTran-0.02 - 17 Jul 2010 13:26:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Media::DateTime - A simple module to extract the timestamp from media files in an flexible manner. ++

Provides a very simple, but highly extensible method of extracting the creation date and time from a media file (any file really). The base module comes with support for JPEG files that store the creation date in the exif header. Plugins can be writt...

MGRIMES/Media-DateTime-0.48 - 11 Mar 2014 22:05:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::IPTCInfo - Perl extension for extracting IPTC image meta-data ++

Ever wish you add information to your photos like a caption, the place you took it, the date, and perhaps even keywords and categories? You already can. The International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) defines a format for exchanging meta-in...

JCARTER/Image-IPTCInfo-1.95   (2 reviews) - 08 Nov 2007 22:35:29 GMT - Search in distribution

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