Image::Pngslimmer - slims (dynamically created) PNGs River stage zero No dependents

Image::Pngslimmer aims to cut down the size of PNGs. Users pass a PNG to various functions and a slimmer version is returned. Image::Pngslimmer was designed for use where PNGs are being generated on the fly and where size matters more than speed- eg ...

ACMCMEN/Image-Pngslimmer-0.30 - 07 Sep 2008 13:19:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::PNG - Read and write PNG files River stage zero No dependents

Image::PNG is a layer on top of Image::PNG::Libpng. Whereas Image::PNG::Libpng copies the interface of the C library "libpng", Image::PNG is intended to be a more intuitive way to handle PNG images. Please note that this module is not completed yet a...

BKB/Image-PNG-0.23 - 11 Dec 2016 00:48:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::PNG::Libpng - Perl interface to the C library "libpng". River stage two • 7 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

Image::PNG::Libpng is a Perl library for accessing the contents of PNG (Portable Network Graphics) images. Image::PNG::Libpng enables Perl to use the "libpng" library for reading and writing files in the PNG format. Image::PNG::Libpng does not contai...

BKB/Image-PNG-Libpng-0.45 - 04 Jan 2018 03:56:14 GMT - Search in distribution

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