Interchange6 - Open Source Shop Machine

Interchange6, the Open Source Shop Machine, is the Modern Perl ecosystem for online business. It uses the DBIx::Class database schema Interchange6::Schema. This module provides the following APIs: Carts Interchange6::Cart Cart Products Interchange6::...

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Interchange6::Currency - Currency objects for Interchange 6

Currency objects for Interchange6 Open Source eCommerce with Unicode CLDR localization and rate conversion. Extends CLDR::Number::Format::Currency with accurate calculation functions using Math::BigFloat. Many useful standard operators are overloaded...

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Interchange6::Schema - Database Schema for Interchange 6

Database schema classes for Interchange6 Open Source eCommerce software. The minimum Perl version for Interchange6::Schema is 5.8....

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Dancer::Plugin::Interchange6 - Interchange6 Shop Plugin for Dancer

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Interchange6::Plugin::Interchange5::Request - Mimic Dancer::Request inside IC5

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Dancer::Session::DBIC - DBIx::Class session engine for Dancer

This module implements a session engine for Dancer by serializing the session, and storing it in a database via DBIx::Class. The default serialization method is JSON, though one can specify any serialization format you want. YAML and Storable are via...

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Dancer2::Session::DBIC - DBIx::Class session engine for Dancer2

This module implements a session engine for Dancer2 by serializing the session, and storing it in a database via DBIx::Class. JSON was chosen as the default serialization format, as it is fast, terse, and portable....

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