JSAN::Client - JSAN Client 2.0 (migrated from Class::DBI to ORLite)

The "JSAN::Client" API intended to provide the highest-possible level abstraction for the process of installing JSAN distributions. However this class is still intended for developers, and won't do things like auto-detect your "JSAN_PREFIX" and so on...

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JSAN::Shell - JavaScript Archive Network Client Shell

"JSAN::Shell" provides command handling and dispatch for the jsan user application. It interprates these commands and provides the appropriate instructions to the JSAN::Client and JSAN::Transport APIs to download and install JSAN modules. Why Do A Ne...

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  • jsan - The JavaScript Archive Network (JSAN) Shell

minijsan - Create and maintain a minimal local mirror of the JSAN

"minijsan" is an application for creating a minimal local mirror of only the releases that might actually be needed to install the libraries in the JSAN index (rather than mirroring all files in JSAN). It currently implements only minimal functionali...

ADAMK/JSAN-Mini-1.04 - 26 Sep 2009 17:15:10 GMT - Search in distribution

ORDB::JSAN - An ORLite-based ORM Database API

This module is a demonstration package for what a new SQLite index-based client might look like, or at least the ORM layer part of it. It is implemented as a pure ORLite::Mirror class with no additional code....

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