JSON - JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoder/decoder 61 ++

*************************** CAUTION ************************************** * * * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE (JSON::XS version 2.90) * * * * JSON.pm had patched JSON::XS::Boolean and JSON::PP::Boolean internally * * on loading time for making these modules i...

MAKAMAKA/JSON-2.90   (4 reviews) - 31 Oct 2013 10:39:15 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::ON - javascript object notation object notator ++
EWILHELM/JSON-ON-v0.0.3 - 26 Jun 2013 22:29:17 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::XS - JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast 78 ++

This module converts Perl data structures to JSON and vice versa. Its primary goal is to be *correct* and its secondary goal is to be *fast*. To reach the latter goal it was written in C. Beginning with version 2.0 of the JSON module, when both JSON ...

MLEHMANN/JSON-XS-3.01   (10 reviews) - 29 Oct 2013 15:57:01 GMT - Search in distribution

RPC::JSON - JSON-RPC Client Library ++

RPC::JSON aims to be a full-featured JSON-RPC client library that enables a client to connect to any JSON-RPC service and dispatch remote method calls. METHODS shell Instantiate a JSON-RPC shell new(<smd source>) Return a new RPC::JSON object for a g...

CHRISC/RPC-JSON-0.15   (1 review) - 02 Aug 2008 09:36:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Geo::JSON - Perl OO interface for geojson 2 ++

Convert to and from geojson using Perl objects. GeoJSON objects represent various geographical positions - points, lines, polygons, etc. Currently supports 2 or 3 dimensions (longitude, latitude, altitude). Further dimensions in positions are ignored...

MJEMMESON/Geo-JSON-0.007 - 16 Feb 2015 14:31:09 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::API - Module to interact with a JSON API 1 ++

This module wraps JSON and LWP::UserAgent to create a flexible utility for accessing APIs that accept/provide JSON data. It supports all the options LWP supports, including authentication. METHODS new Creates a new JSON::API object for connecting to ...

GFRANKS/JSON-API-v1.0.8 - 16 Feb 2015 19:37:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Log::JSON - Log data to a file as JSON 2 ++

This module logs a hash to a file as JSON. The keys are printed in sorted order. Often log files have several raw numbers and strings whose meaning is not immediately clear. With JSON formatted text in your log files, a human can open the file and qu...

KABLAMO/Log-JSON-0.001 - 29 Apr 2012 01:13:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Eve::Json - a JSON converter adapter. ++

The Eve::Json class adapts the functionality of the JSON::XS module to provide JSON encoding and decoding features service. METHODS init() encode() Encodes a reference and returns its JSON string representation. Arguments "reference" decode() Decodes...

ZINIGOR/Eve-0.06 - 05 May 2014 10:32:37 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::RPC - JSON RPC 2.0 Server Implementation 2 ++

JSON::RPC is a set of modules that implement JSON RPC 2.0 protocol. If you are using old JSON::RPC code (up to 0.96), DO NOT EXPECT YOUR CODE TO WORK WITH THIS VERSION. THIS VERSION IS ****BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE**** BASIC USAGE The JSON::RPC::Dispatc...

DMAKI/JSON-RPC-1.06 - 07 Oct 2014 01:59:39 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::JSON - Make working with JSON Web API's as painless as possible 6 ++

WWW::JSON is an easy interface to any modern web API that returns JSON. It tries to make working with these API's as intuitive as possible. ABSTRACT When using abstracted web API libraries I often ran into issues where bugs in the library interfere w...

ANTIPASTA/WWW-JSON-1.01 - 05 Feb 2015 18:56:44 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::JSON - Perl extension for creating JSON from existing DBI datasources 1 ++

This module is perl extension for creating JSON from existing DBI datasources. One use of this module might be to extract data on the web server, and send the raw data (in JSON format) to a client's browser, and then JavaScript do eval it to generate...

YOSTY/DBIx-JSON-0.02 - 03 Jun 2006 02:06:06 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::DWIW - JSON converter that Does What I Want ++

Other JSON modules require setting several parameters before calling the conversion methods to do what I want. This module does things by default that I think should be done when working with JSON in Perl. This module also encodes and decodes faster ...

DOWENS/JSON-DWIW-0.47   (2 reviews) - 29 Sep 2010 04:57:36 GMT - Search in distribution
  • JSON::DWIW::Changes - List of significant changes to JSON::DWIW
  • JSON::DWIW::Boolean - Return a true or false value when evaluated in boolean context -- to be used with JSON::DWIW->encode() to explicitly specify a boolean value.`

JSON::YAJL - An interface to the YAJL JSON parsing and generation library ++

YAJL is Yet Another JSON Library. YAJL is a small event-driven (SAX-style) JSON parser written in ANSI C, and a small validating JSON generator, by Lloyd Hilaiel. This module is a Perl interface to that library. To find out more about YAJL, please vi...

LBROCARD/JSON-YAJL-0.10 - 05 Aug 2011 06:41:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Mojo::JSON - Minimalistic JSON 251 ++

Mojo::JSON is a minimalistic and possibly the fastest pure-Perl implementation of RFC 7159 <http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7159>. It supports normal Perl data types like scalar, array reference, hash reference and will try to call the "TO_JSON" method...

SRI/Mojolicious-6.0   (20 reviews) - 26 Feb 2015 22:17:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::JSON - Test JSON data 4 ++

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data interchange format. Test::JSON makes it easy to verify that you have built valid JSON and that it matches your expected output. See <http://www.json.org/> for more information. TESTS is_valid_js...

OVID/Test-JSON-0.11   (1 review) - 09 Aug 2009 09:20:24 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::PP - JSON::XS compatible pure-Perl module. 8 ++

This module is JSON::XS compatible pure Perl module. (Perl 5.8 or later is recommended) JSON::XS is the fastest and most proper JSON module on CPAN. It is written by Marc Lehmann in C, so must be compiled and installed in the used environment. JSON::...

MAKAMAKA/JSON-PP-2.27300   (1 review) - 07 Oct 2014 06:02:07 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::T - transform JSON using JsonT ++

This module implements JsonT, a language for transforming JSON-like structures, analogous to XSLT in the XML world. JsonT is described at <http://goessner.net/articles/jsont/>. JsonT is a profile of Javascript; so JsonT needs a Javascript engine to a...

TOBYINK/JSON-T-0.104 - 28 Sep 2014 07:42:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Pegex::JSON - Pegex Loader for JSON ++

Pegex::JSON is a JSON parser written in Pegex. SEE ALSO * Pegex * JSON AUTHOR Ingy döt Net <ingy@cpan.org> COPYRIGHT Copyright 2011-2014 Ingy döt Net LICENSE This library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as perl itself. ...

INGY/Pegex-JSON-0.27 - 31 Aug 2014 05:32:52 GMT - Search in distribution

Silki::JSON - A thin wrapper around a JSON::XS object 2 ++
DROLSKY/Silki-0.29 - 19 Sep 2011 16:45:33 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::Types - variable type utility for JSON encoding 2 ++

The type mappings between JSON and Perl is annoying things. For example, use JSON; my $number = 123; warn "[DEBUG] number:$number\n" if $ENV{DEBUG}; print encode_json([ $number ]); Output of this code depends on whether DEBUG environment is set or no...

TYPESTER/JSON-Types-0.05 - 17 Oct 2012 04:37:16 GMT - Search in distribution