JSON::CPAN::Meta - (deprecated) replace META.yml with META.json

Achtung! This library will soon be obsolete as tools move to use the official CPAN::Meta::Spec JSON files. CPAN distributions contain a file, META.yml, which contains a description of the distribution and its contents. This document is notionally wri...

RJBS/JSON-CPAN-Meta-7.001   (1 review) - 16 Mar 2011 03:23:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON - Validate a META.json file within a CPAN distribution.

This module was written to ensure that a META.json file, provided with a standard distribution uploaded to CPAN, meets the specifications that are slowly being introduced to module uploads, via the use of package makers and installers such as ExtUtil...

BARBIE/Test-CPAN-Meta-JSON-0.16 - 14 Jan 2015 02:06:36 GMT - Search in distribution

Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON - release tests for your META.json

This is an extension of Dist::Zilla::Plugin::InlineFiles, providing the following file if META.json is in your dist: xt/release/meta-json.t - a standard Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON test See Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON for what this test does....

DOHERTY/Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-CPAN-Meta-JSON-0.004 - 22 Mar 2015 01:35:09 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Apocalypse::CPANMeta_JSON - Plugin for Test::CPAN::Meta

Encapsulates Test::CPAN::Meta::JSON functionality....

APOCAL/Test-Apocalypse-1.006 - 25 Oct 2014 20:12:24 GMT - Search in distribution

td - Manipulate table data

*td* receives table data from standard input and performs an action on it. It has functionality similar to some Unix commands like *head*, *tail*, *wc*, *cut*, *sort* except that it operates on table rows/columns instead of lines/characters. This is ...

PERLANCAR/App-td-0.06 - 15 Apr 2016 12:38:13 GMT - Search in distribution

CHI - Unified cache handling interface

CHI provides a unified caching API, designed to assist a developer in persisting data for a specified period of time. The CHI interface is implemented by driver classes that support fetching, storing and clearing of data. Driver classes exist or will...

JSWARTZ/CHI-0.60   (5 reviews) - 07 Jun 2015 21:28:32 GMT - Search in distribution


* Swat is a powerful and yet simple and flexible tool for rapid automated web tests development. * Swat is a web application oriented test framework, this means that it equips you with all you need for a web test development and yet it's not burdened...

MELEZHIK/swat-0.1.96 - 13 Apr 2016 14:24:09 GMT - Search in distribution

JSORB - Javascript Object Request Broker

__ __ /\ \ /\_\ ____ ___ _ __ \ \ \____ \/\ \ /',__\ / __`\ /\`'__\ \ \ '__`\ \ \ \ /\__, `\/\ \L\ \\ \ \/ \ \ \L\ \ _\ \ \ \/\____/\ \____/ \ \_\ \ \_,__/ /\ \_\ \ \/___/ \/___/ \/_/ \/___/ \ \____/ \/___/ DISCLAIMER This is a VERY VERY early releas...

STEVAN/JSORB-0.04 - 13 Jan 2010 19:27:11 GMT - Search in distribution

lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

This application is a convenient bundling of "CPAN::Mini" and an indexer so in addition to creating your local CPAN mirror and installing modules from it, you can also query various things about your local CPAN mirror quickly from the command-line (a...

PERLANCAR/App-lcpan-0.86 - 15 Apr 2016 10:01:52 GMT - Search in distribution

pause - A CLI for PAUSE

PERLANCAR/App-pause-0.54 - 21 Apr 2016 02:23:38 GMT - Search in distribution

MetaPOD - An evolution of POD

KENTNL/MetaPOD-0.3.6 - 23 Jan 2014 12:38:41 GMT - Search in distribution

cpanfile - A format for describing CPAN dependencies for Perl applications

"cpanfile" describes CPAN dependencies required to execute associated Perl code....

MIYAGAWA/Module-CPANfile-1.1002 - 12 Feb 2016 16:24:13 GMT - Search in distribution

cpanm - get, unpack build and install modules from CPAN

MIYAGAWA/App-cpanminus-1.7040   (17 reviews) - 07 Jan 2016 19:29:19 GMT - Search in distribution

cpanm - get, unpack build and install modules from CPAN

MIYAGAWA/Menlo-1.9001 - 02 Sep 2015 06:08:50 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::CPAN - CPAN as a web service

Once upon a time, Schwern waved his hands and Graham implemented a mechanism to get the meta data from CPAN distributions at search.cpan.org. http://use.perl.org/~schwern/journal/35203 http://www.mail-archive.com/module-build@perl.org/msg01157.html T...

FERREIRA/WWW-CPAN-0.013 - 02 Jan 2016 03:36:10 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::XS - JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast

This module converts Perl data structures to JSON and vice versa. Its primary goal is to be *correct* and its secondary goal is to be *fast*. To reach the latter goal it was written in C. Beginning with version 2.0 of the JSON module, when both JSON ...

MLEHMANN/JSON-XS-3.02   (11 reviews) - 26 Feb 2016 21:47:56 GMT - Search in distribution

mbtiny - A standalone authoring script for Module::Build::Tiny

LEONT/App-ModuleBuildTiny-0.011 - 23 Feb 2016 22:15:07 GMT - Search in distribution

CPAN::Meta - the distribution metadata for a CPAN dist

Software distributions released to the CPAN include a META.json or, for older distributions, META.yml, which describes the distribution, its contents, and the requirements for building and installing the distribution. The data structure stored in the...

DAGOLDEN/CPAN-Meta-2.150005   (2 reviews) - 10 Jun 2015 01:10:01 GMT - Search in distribution

bencher - A benchmark framework (CLI)

Bencher is a benchmark framework. You specify a *scenario* (either in a "Bencher::Scenario::*" Perl module, or a Perl script, or over the command-line) containing list of *participants* and *datasets*. Participants are codes or commands to run, and d...

PERLANCAR/Bencher-1.005 - 08 Apr 2016 10:17:10 GMT - Search in distribution

KiokuDB - Object Graph storage engine

KiokuDB is a Moose based frontend to various data stores, somewhere in between Tangram and Pixie. Its purpose is to provide persistence for "regular" objects with as little effort as possible, without sacrificing control over how persistence is actua...

DOY/KiokuDB-0.57 - 25 Mar 2014 21:04:20 GMT - Search in distribution