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JSON::WebToken - JSON Web Token (JWT) implementation ++

JSON::WebToken is JSON Web Token (JWT) implementation for Perl THIS MODULE IS ALPHA LEVEL INTERFACE. METHODS encode($claims [, $secret, $algorithm, $extra_headers ]) : String This method is encoding JWT from hash reference. my $jwt = JSON::WebToken->...

XAICRON/JSON-WebToken-0.08 - 21 Feb 2014 05:46:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::OpenID::Connect::IDToken - id_token generation / verification module ++

Net::OpenID::Connect::IDToken is a module to generate/verify IDToken of OpenID Connect. See: http://openid.net/connect/ THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT RELEASE. API MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. SEE ALSO http://search.cpan.org/~xaicron/JSON-WebToken-0.07/ LICENSE...

ZENTOOO/Net-OpenID-Connect-IDToken-0.02 - 10 Nov 2013 03:52:12 GMT - Search in distribution

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