Real::Encode - Perl interaction with Progressive Networks ReadEncoder(tm). River stage zero No dependents

This module allows for interaction with the RealEncoder, and thus the manipulation of RealMedia files, and encoding to RealMedia format....

KMELTZ/Win32-Encode-0.5beta - 30 Sep 1998 20:55:50 UTC - Search in distribution

SSN::Validate - Perl extension to do SSN Validation River stage zero No dependents

This module is intented to do some Social Security Number validation (not verification) beyond just seeing if it contains 9 digits and isn't all 0s. The data is taken from the Social Security Admin. website, specifically:

KMELTZ/SSN-Validate-0.18 - 09 Mar 2009 20:57:30 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::Htpasswd - Manage Unix crypt-style password file. River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This module comes with a set of methods to use with htaccess password files. These files (and htaccess) are used to do Basic Authentication on a web server. The passwords file is a flat-file with login name and their associated crypted password. You ...

KMELTZ/Apache-Htpasswd-1.9 - 20 Nov 2012 17:30:13 UTC - Search in distribution

HTML::PageIndex - Class to create HTML page index objects. River stage zero No dependents

Will return an object which will display a dynamic index of html pages. It would look like: [Prev] 1 2 3 4 5 6 [Next] makeindex([total pages],[current page],[base url],[url arguement],[show prev/next]); This is currently the only public method. The a...

KMELTZ/HTML-PageIndex-0.3 - 09 Aug 2002 14:02:55 UTC - Search in distribution

Tie::TwoLevelHash - Tied interface to multi-dimensional (Two-Level) hash files River stage zero No dependents

This is the Tie::TwoLevelHash module. It is a TIEHASH interface which lets you tie to a text file which is a multi-dimensional (two level) hash. To use it, tie a hash to a directory: tie(%hash, 'Tie::TwoLevelHash', $file, 'rw'); # Open in read/write ...

KMELTZ/Tie-TwoLevelHash-1.2 - 30 Oct 1998 17:25:07 UTC - Search in distribution

Tivoli::DateTime - Perl Extension for Tivoli River stage zero No dependents

This Package will handle about everything you may need for displaying the date / time. If anything has been left out, please contact me at , so it can be added. DETAILS d = dot, s = slash, m = minus ROUTINES De...

RHASE/Tivoli_0.01 - 05 Aug 2001 23:08:53 UTC - Search in distribution
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