Lib::Module - Perl library module utilities.

A Lib::Module object describes a Perl library module and includes the module's package name, file name, version, and superclasses, if any. The module objects are normally part of a class hierarchy generated by libdirs (), module_paths (), and scanlib...

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Browser::LibModuleSymbol - Scanning of Perl symbol tables and library modules. Provides Perl symbol table and lexical routines for Tk::Browser(3)....

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Module::Install::CheckLib - A Module::Install extension to check that a library is available

Module::Install::CheckLib is a Module::Install extension that integrates Devel::CheckLib so that CPAN authors may stipulate which particular C library and its headers they want available and to exit the "Makefile.PL" gracefully if they aren't. The au...

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This is a wrapper module for Devel::CheckLib....

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Module::Install::Bundle::LocalLib - Bundle Your Prerequisites With local::lib

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above - auto "use lib" when a module is in the tree of the PWD

Used by the command-line wrappers for Command modules which are developer tools. Do NOT use this in modules, or user applications. Uses a module as though the cwd and each of its parent directories were at the beginnig of @INC. If found in that path,...

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  • ur - command-line interface to UR
  • UR::Manual::Tutorial - Step-by-step guide to building a set of classes for a simple database schema

mylib - add private lib to the module search path

This is just a convenient wrapper around FindBin and lib that will prepend to perl's search path the lib directory either found in the directory of the script or its parent directory. If neither of these locations contain a lib directory it will die....

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Wx::DemoModules::lib::BaseModule - wxPerl demo helper base class

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NOTEDB::dbm - module lib for accessing a notedb from perl

You can use this module for accessing a note database. This is the dbm module. It uses the DB_FILE module to store it's data and it uses DBM files for tis purpose. Currently, NOTEDB module is only used by note itself. But feel free to use it within y...

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Od - Debug a Perl Compiler backend

This module is a debugging replacement to O, the Perl Compiler frontend, a source level debugger to step through a compiler. It delays the start of the B compiler "compile" function from the CHECK block to the INIT block, so that the Perl debugger ca...

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  • Od_o - Debug into a Perl Compilers backend options handling


Some JavaScript modules can be installed from CPAN. This module comes with a utility called "js-cpan" that helps you find JavaScript modules that have been installed on your system so that you can use them in various projects....

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This chapter is a reference for porting code and configuration files from mod_perl 1.0 to mod_perl 2.0. To learn about the porting process you should first read about porting Perl modules (and may be about porting XS modules). As it will be explained...

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v6 - An experimental Perl 6 implementation

The "v6" module is a front-end to the experimental Perl6-to-Perl5 compiler. The current state of this compiler implementation only provides a small sample of Perl 6 syntax and semantics. Other Perl 6 implementations The Pugs/Haskell Perl 6 is current...

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App::BundleDeps - Bundle All Your Module Deps In A local::lib Dir

App::BundleDeps is a tool that allows you to "bundle" all your prerequisites in one local::lib installation. This is very useful when you want to deploy your application....

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Su - A simple application layer to divide and integrate data and processes in the Perl program.

Su is a simple application framework that works as a thin layer to divide data and process in your Perl program. This framework aims an ease of maintenance and extension of your application. Su is a thin application layer, so you can use Su with many...

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pp - PAR Packager

pp creates standalone executables from Perl programs, using the compressed packager provided by PAR, and dependency detection heuristics offered by Module::ScanDeps. Source files are compressed verbatim without compilation. You may think of pp as "pe...

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  • parl - Binary PAR Loader
  • - Make and run Perl Archives

rlib - manipulate @INC at compile time with relative paths

rlib works in the same way as lib, except that all paths in "LIST" are treated as relative paths. If rlib is used from the "main" package then the paths in "LIST" are assumed to be relative to where the current script $0 is located. This is done by u...

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Tak - Multi host remote control over ssh (then I wrote Object::Remote)

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tv - Run 'make TEST_VERBOSE=1' on one or more test files

Given one or more test scripts, Perl source code files, directories containing them, or Perl package names, tv tries to select and run the appropriate test scripts using "make test TEST_VERBOSE=1 TEST_FILES=..." where the "..." are the selected test ...

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  • Test::Verbose - Run 'make TEST_VERBOSE=1' on one or more test files

Cv - helps you to make something around computer vision.

"Cv" is the Perl interface to the OpenCV computer vision library that originally developed by Intel. I'm making this module to use the computer vision more easily like a slogan of perl *"Easy things should be easy, hard things should be possible."* T...

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