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LibWeb::CGI - Extra cgi supports for libweb applications ++

METHODS new() args: [ -post_max=>, -disable_uploads=>, -auto_escape=> ] * "-post_max" is the ceiling on the size of POSTings, in bytes. The default for LibWeb::CGI is 100 Kilobytes. * "-disable_uploads", if non-zero, will disable file uploads complet...

CKONG/LibWeb-0.02 - 19 Jul 2000 22:25:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Web::Query::LibXML - fast, drop-in replacement for Web::Query 11 ++

Web::Query::LibXML is Web::Query subclass that overrides the _build_tree() method to use HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML instead of HTML::TreeBuilder::XPath. Its a lot faster than its superclass. Use this module unless you can't install (or depend on) XML:...

TOKUHIROM/Web-Query-0.26 - 31 Mar 2014 08:51:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Web::Scraper::LibXML - Drop-in replacement for Web::Scraper to use LibXML 29 ++

Web::Scraper::LibXML is a drop-in replacement for Web::Scraper to use the fast libxml-based HTML tree builder, HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML. This is almost identical to HTML::TreeBuilder::LibXML's *replace_original* installer, like: use HTML::TreeBuilde...

MIYAGAWA/Web-Scraper-0.37   (2 reviews) - 19 Oct 2012 22:13:18 GMT - Search in distribution

WebDAO::Lib::RawHTML - Component for raw html ++

WebDAO::Lib::RawHTML - Component for raw html SEE ALSO http://sourceforge.net/projects/webdao AUTHOR Zahatski Aliaksandr, <zag@cpan.org> COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE Copyright 2002-2009 by Zahatski Aliaksandr This library is free software; you can redistrib...

ZAG/WebDAO-2.14 - 03 Oct 2012 08:21:11 GMT - Search in distribution

WebService::Simple::Parser::XML::LibXML - Parse XML content using XML::LibXML ++
YUSUKEBE/WebService-Simple-0.21 - 20 Aug 2013 07:15:13 GMT - Search in distribution

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