Lingua::EUS::Numbers - Converts numbers into Bask (Euskara).

Number 2 word conversion in EUS. This module converts numbers (cardinals and ordinals) into their Bask (Euskara) equivalents. It accepts positive integers up to, but not including, 1 trillion. Incidentally, the Bask counting system is vigesimal, i.e....

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A wrapper for Lingua::XXX::num2word modules. Lingua::Num2Word is a wrapper for modules for converting numbers into their equivalent in written representation. This is a wrapper for various Lingua::XXX::Num2Word modules that do the conversions for spe...

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Word 2 number conversion in EUS. Lingua::EUS::Word2Num is module for converting text containing number representation in Basque (Euskara) back into number. Converts whole numbers from 0 up to 999 999 999 999....

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