Lingua::IT::Hyphenate - Italian word hyphenation ++

The "sillabe" (italian for "syllabes") function, which can be exported to your main namespace, gets one or more text strings and returns an array of syllabes. Note that it destroys everything which is not considered part of a word (punctuation et ali...

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Lingua::EN::Hyphenate - Perl extension for syllable-based hyphenation ++


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Lingua::FI::Hyphenate - Finnish hyphenation (suomen tavutus) ++

tavuta() returns as a list the syllables of its Finnish input list. The used character set is ISO 8859-1, of which the Finnish word characters the vowels are aeiouyäåö AEIOUYÅÄÖ and the consonants are bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxz BCDFGHJKLMNPQRSTVWXZ The rul...

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Lingua::TR::Hyphenate - A hyphenator for Turkish. ++

This module implements a deterministic hyphenator for Turkish. The only subroutine, hyphenate, takes a word as its input. Optionally, the separator can be given as an attribute to hyphenate subroutine. The default separator is a dot ('.'). For exampl...

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Lingua::PT::Hyphenate - Separates Portuguese words in syllables ++

Separates Portuguese words into syllables. ALGORITHM The algorithm has several steps, but all of them consist on marking points of the word that either are to be separated or that are not allowed to be separated. After all those main steps are fulfil...

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Bundle::COG - Install all modules by COG ++
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