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Lingua::JA::Halfwidth::Katakana - provides HalfwidthKatakana block ++

Lingua::JA::Halfwidth::Katakana provides HalfwidthKatakana block. The following chars are not contained: HALFWIDTH IDEOGRAPHIC FULL STOP HALFWIDTH LEFT CORNER BRACKET HALFWIDTH RIGHT CORNER BRACKET HALFWIDTH IDEOGRAPHIC COMMA AUTHOR pawa <pawapawa@cp...

PAWAPAWA/Lingua-JA-Halfwidth-Katakana-0.90 - 21 Jul 2012 15:56:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::JA::Moji - Handle many kinds of Japanese characters 2 ++

This module provides methods to convert different written forms of Japanese into one another. It enables conversion between romanized Japanese, hiragana, and katakana. It also includes a number of unusual encodings such as Japanese braille and morse ...

BKB/Lingua-JA-Moji-0.32 - 16 Feb 2014 23:42:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::JA::Halfwidth - judge given single character is japanese halfwidth or not ++

This module is aimed to check easily whether given single character is japanese halfwidth or not. Target characters are japanese halfwidth katakana, punctuation, voice marks and bracket. (See also t/01.is_japanese_halfwidth.t) Unicode block is very u...

SASATA/Lingua-JA-Halfwidth-0.0.6 - 26 Jul 2009 04:33:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::JA::Regular::Unicode - convert japanese chars. ++

Lingua::JA::Regular::Unicode is regularizer. alnum_z2h Convert alphabet, numbers and symbols ZENKAKU to HANKAKU. Symbols contains >, <. Yes, it's bit strange. But so, this behaviour is needed by historical reason. alnum_h2z Convert alphabet, numbers ...

TOKUHIROM/Lingua-JA-Regular-Unicode-0.12 - 07 May 2013 05:07:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::JA::Sort::JIS - compares and sorts strings encoded in UTF-8 ++

This module provides some functions to compare and sort strings encoded in UTF-8 using the collation of Japanese character strings. This module is an implementation of JIS X 4061-1996 and the collation rules are based on that standard. Collation Leve...

SADAHIRO/Lingua-JA-Sort-JIS-0.10 - 31 Jul 2011 13:10:22 GMT - Search in distribution

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