Lingua::NATools - A framework for Parallel Corpora processing

This is a collection of functions used on the NATools tools. Some of them can be used independently. Check documentation bellow. "init" Use this function to initialize a parallel corpora repository. You must supply a "directory" where the repository ...

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sentences - Command line tool for text segmentation, tokenization and annotation

"sentences" is a command line tool for text segmentation and annotation. It uses the "fsentences" function from "Lingua::PT::PLNbase". Its main behaviour is the detection of sentences and paragraphs, and their annotation with XML-like tags: <s> for s...

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Lingua::PTD - Module to handle PTD files in Dumper Format

PTD files in Perl Dumper format are simple hashes references. But they use a specific structure, and this module provides a simple interface to manipulate it. "new" The "new" constructor returns a new Lingua::PTD object. This constructor receives a P...

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