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Lingua::PT::Stemmer - Portuguese language stemming 2 ++

This module implements a Portuguese stemming algorithm proposed in the paper A Stemming Algorithm for the Portuguese Language by Moreira, V. and Huyck, C. The eight steps of stemming algorithm are listed as follows: * Plural Reduction * Feminine Redu...

XERN/Lingua-PT-Stemmer-0.01 - 28 Jan 2003 07:13:57 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::Stem - Stemming of words 2 ++

This routine applies stemming algorithms to its parameters, returning the stemmed words as appropriate to the selected locale. You can import some or all of the class methods. use Lingua::Stem qw (stem clear_stem_cache stem_caching add_exceptions del...

SNOWHARE/Lingua-Stem-0.84   (1 review) - 29 Apr 2010 21:19:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::Stem::Any - Unified interface to any stemmer on CPAN 2 ++

This module aims to provide a simple unified interface to any stemmer on CPAN. It will provide a default available source module when a language is requested but no source is requested. Attributes All attribute-setting methods can be chained. $stem =...

PATCH/Lingua-Stem-Any-0.03 - 05 Jun 2014 17:32:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Lingua::Stem::Snowball - Perl interface to Snowball stemmers. 3 ++

Stemming reduces related words to a common root form -- for instance, "horse", "horses", and "horsing" all become "hors". Most commonly, stemming is deployed as part of a search application, allowing searches for a given term to match documents which...

CREAMYG/Lingua-Stem-Snowball-0.952 - 28 Aug 2008 08:17:59 GMT - Search in distribution

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