Lingua::PT::Words2Nums - Converts Portuguese words to numbers

Words2Nums converts Portuguese words to numbers (works with numbers ranging from 0 to 999.999.999.999.999.999). Not all possible ways to write a number have been implemented (some people write "nove mil novecentos e um", some people write "nove mil, ...

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Lingua::PT::Nums2Words - Converts numbers to Portuguese words

Nums2Words converts numbers to Portuguese words (works with numbers ranging from 0 to 999.999.999.999.999). Does not support negative numbers. num2word This is the only function in this module. It turns numbers into words. $number = num2word(77); # $...

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Lingua::pt_BR::Nums2Words - Takes a number and gives back its written form in Brazilian Portuguese

Takes a number and gives back its written form in Brazilian Portuguese. Note: 1000 will produce 'mil', and not 'um mil'....

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Lingua::PT::Ords2Nums - Converts Portuguese ordinals to numbers

Converts Portuguese ordinals to numbers. Works up to 999.999.999.999 ('novecentos e noventa e nove bilionésimos novecentos e noventa e nove milionésimos novecentos e noventa e nove milésimos nongentésimo nonagésimo nono'). POD ERRORS Hey! The above d...

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