Lingua::Phonology - an object model for lingistic phonology and sound change

Lingua::Phonology is a module for modeling phonological descriptions of languages. It is designed with a classical generative phonology in mind, handing feature geometry, phonetic symbols, ordered rule sets, and syllabification algorithms. Both synch...

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Lingua::ZH::ZhuYinWen - ZhuYinWen Bastardizer

In taiwan, traditionally Mandarin's phonetics is marked by a system called ZhuYinFuHao which is composed of 37 phonetic symbols. It is not used in formal language, and only helps children to learn Mandarin. Because of prevalence of internet and compl...

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Lingua::FeatureMatrix - Perl extension for configuring groups of (e.g.) phonemes into feature groups

"Lingua::FeatureMatrix" is a class for managing user-defined feature-sets. It provides an implementation of datafile parsing that is generic and useful for anyone defining feature sets of symbols. If you haven't read the "Motivation" you might want t...

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