Lingua::Treebank - Perl extension for manipulating the Penn Treebank format

This class knows how to read two treebank formats, the Penn format and the Chomsky Normal Form (CNF) format. These formats differ in how they handle terminal nodes. The Penn format places pre-terminal part of speech tags in the left-hand position of ...

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Lingua::Align::Corpus::Treebank - Factory class for reading treebanks

Factory class of modules for reading treebanks in different formats. The default format is the Penn Treebank format. Other supported formats are the format produced by the Berkeley parser, the Stanford parser (including typed dependencies), TigerXML ...

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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Lingua::Interset - DZ Interset is a universal morphosyntactic feature set to which all tagsets of all corpora/languages can be mapped.

DZ Interset is a universal framework for reading, writing, converting and interpreting part-of-speech and morphosyntactic tags from multiple tagsets of many different natural languages. Individual tagsets are mapped to the Interset using specialized ...

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Text::StemTagPOS - Computes stemmed/POS tagged lists of text.

"Text::StemTagPOS" uses the modules Lingua::Stem::Snowball and Lingua::EN::Tagger to do part-of-speech tagging and stemming of English text. It was developed to pre-process text for other modules. Encoding of all text should be in Perl's internal for...

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Each node in analytical tree is tagged using "Lingua::EN::Tagger" (Penn Treebank POS tags). Because Lingua::EN::Tagger does its own tokenization, it checks if tokenization is same....

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