Linux::Input::Joystick - joystick-specific interface for Linux 2.2+ ++

This is a subclass of Linux::Input that implements the joystick event interface that versions of Linux from 2.2 onward support. It differs from the normal event interface in that it uses a slightly different C struct to return event information. This...

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Changes - Revision history for Games-FrozenBubble ++
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Sys::PortIO - perform direct port I/O from Perl ++

This module provides a Perl interface to the low-level port I/O operations provided by Linux, FreeBSD, or OpenBSD. Among other things, this is useful for writing Perl scripts that interface with parallel, serial, or joystick ports. BUGS On some syste...

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SDL::Event - General event structure 17 ++

Event handling allows your application to receive input from the user. Event handling is initalised (along with video) with a call to: "SDL::init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO);" Internally, SDL stores all the events waiting to be handled in an event queue. Using f...

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Win32API/ ++

Joystick allows input from game control devices. Currently, Joystick has only been developed for Win32API. REQUIRMENTS To use Joystick you must have the Win32::API package installed. SYNOPSIS use Win32API::Joystick; #returns number of POSSIBLE joysti...

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Linux::Input::Wiiuse - Use Nintendo Wiimote as an input device via libwiiuse ++

Provides input from a Wii controller. Supports Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and Guitar Hero guitar attachments. Supports buttons, IR, and motion. new my $wii = Linux::Input::Wiiuse->new; my $wii = Linux::Input::Wiiuse->new({wiimotes => 16}); Create a...

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