Linux::LVM - Perl extension for accessing Logical Volume Manager(LVM) data structures on Linux.

units() Get or set the units used to report sizes of LVs, PVs, etc. legal values: hbskmgtpeHBSKMGTPE see man lvm documentation of --units get_volume_group_list() This routine will return an array that contains the names of the volume groups. @vgs = g...

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Linux::LVM2 - a Linux LVM2 wrapper.

This class wraps the Linux LVM2 subsystem into handy perl classes....

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DBD::Sys::Roadmap - high level to do list and targetted goals

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Test::AutoBuild - Automated build engine controller

This module provides the build controller, tieing together various subsystems to form an integrated engine. It is wholely reponsible for loading the various runtime objects (stages, modules, repositories, package types, monitors, publishers) based on...

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Probe::MachineInfo - The great new Probe::MachineInfo!

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This script copies an EBS-backed Unix/Linux/windows AMI located in the EC2 region indicated by --from to the region indicated by --to. All associated volume snapshots, including LVM and RAID volumes, are migrated as well. If --from is omitted, then t...

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