List::Sliding::Changes - Extract new elements from a sliding window

This module allows you to easily find elements that were appended to one of two lists. It is intended to faciliate processing wherever you don't have a log but only a sliding window for events, such as a status window which only displays the 20 most ...

CORION/List-Sliding-Changes-0.03 - 29 Apr 2008 18:36:26 GMT - Search in distribution

Tail::Stat - Real-time log statistics server

LONERR/Tail-Stat-0.25 - 29 Nov 2015 16:21:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::Tools - Lots of more or less useful subs lumped together and exported into your namespace

Subs created and collected since the mid-90s....

KJETIL/Acme-Tools-0.172   (1 review) - 31 Dec 2015 18:01:47 GMT - Search in distribution

Prima::AbstractSpinButton - sliding bars, spin buttons and input lines, dial widget etc.

The module is a set of widget classes, with one common property; - all of these provide input and / or output of an integer value. This property unites the following set of class hierarchies: Prima::AbstractSpinButton Prima::SpinButton Prima::AltSpin...

KARASIK/Prima-1.46   (3 reviews) - 16 Mar 2016 12:17:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Finance::Bank::Postbank_de::Account - Postbank bank account class

This module provides a rudimentary interface to the Postbank online banking system at You will need either Crypt::SSLeay or IO::Socket::SSL installed for HTTPS support to work with LWP. The interface was cooked up by me ...

CORION/Finance-Bank-Postbank_de-0.38 - 15 Nov 2015 09:13:22 GMT - Search in distribution