Log::Log4perl::MDC - Mapped Diagnostic Context River stage four • 370 direct dependents • 1053 total dependents

Log::Log4perl allows loggers to maintain global thread-specific data, called the Nested Diagnostic Context (NDC) and Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC). The MDC is a simple thread-specific hash table, in which the application can stuff values under cert...

ETJ/Log-Log4perl-1.54 - 06 Feb 2021 22:01:42 UTC - Search in distribution

DBIx::LogProfile - Log DBI::Profile data into Log::Any or Log4perl River stage zero No dependents

This module allows you to smuggle DBI::Profile data (like SQL statements that have been executed, alongside frequency and time statistics) into an existing application's log without making changes to the application itself, using the environment vari...

BJOERN/DBIx-LogProfile-0.02 - 13 Oct 2018 04:18:11 UTC - Search in distribution

Log::Log4perl::Tiny - mimic Log::Log4perl in one single module River stage one • 5 direct dependents • 6 total dependents

Yes... yet another logging module. Nothing particularly fancy nor original, too, but a single-module implementation of the features I use most from Log::Log4perl for quick things, namely: * easy mode and stealth loggers (aka log functions "INFO", "WA...

POLETTIX/Log-Log4perl-Tiny-1.4.0 - 30 May 2016 17:18:00 UTC - Search in distribution

Log::Log4perl::AutoCategorize - extended Log::Log4perl logging River stage zero No dependents

Before diving in, a few notes: This is not intended to document Log4perl (also l4p, abbrev for Log::Log4perl); that documentation is a good tutorial, and is quite thorough and complete. In this document, I use Logger as the *official* shorthand for L...

JCROMIE/Log-Log4perl-AutoCategorize-0.03 - 05 Nov 2003 19:00:25 UTC - Search in distribution

Log::Log4perl::Layout::JSON - Layout a log message as a JSON hash, including MDC data River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This class implements a "Log::Log4perl" layout format, similar to Log::Log4perl::Layout::PatternLayout except that the output is a JSON hash. The JSON hash is ASCII encoded, with no newlines or other whitespace, and is suitable for output, via Log::L...

MSCHOUT/Log-Log4perl-Layout-JSON-0.58 - 26 May 2021 15:17:01 UTC - Search in distribution

MojoX::Logite - A simple Mojo::Log implementation which logs to an SQLite database River stage zero No dependents

MojoX::Logite is a simple Mojo::Log subclass implementation which logs to an SQLite database. A Mojolicious::Plugin::Logite plugin is also provided. The module by default logs to a SQLite database file. The module levergaes basic ORLite library and m...

AREGGIORI/MojoX-Logite-0.01 - 19 Feb 2011 13:17:00 UTC - Search in distribution

Bundle::OpenXPKI - A bundle to install modules required for OpenXPKI River stage zero No dependents

This bundle helps with the installation of modules required for OpenXPKI. OpenXPKI is an open source trust center software which aims to create an enterprise-scale PKI solution. For more information see http://www.openxpki.org...

ALECH/Bundle-OpenXPKI-0.06 - 21 Nov 2008 16:12:39 UTC - Search in distribution

Log::Log4perl::Appender::Journald - Journald appender for Log4perl River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This module provides a Log::Log4Perl appender that directs log messages to systemd-journald.service(8) via Log::Journald. It makes use of the structured logging capability, appending Log4perl MDCs with each message....

LKUNDRAK/Log-Journald-0.30 - 23 Nov 2017 09:57:15 UTC - Search in distribution

Log::Log4perl::Appender::Chunk - Group log messages in Identified chunks River stage zero No dependents

This appender will write group of Log lines (chunks) to the underlying store under an ID that you choose. A number of Store classes are shipped ( in Log::Log4perl::Appender::Chunk::Store::* ), but it's very easy to write your own store, as it's essen...

JETEVE/Log-Log4perl-Appender-Chunk-0.013 - 07 Dec 2017 12:14:49 UTC - Search in distribution

Log::Log4perl::Appender::Raven - Append log events to your Sentry account. River stage zero No dependents

JETEVE/Log-Log4perl-Appender-Raven-0.006 - 25 Aug 2016 13:31:42 UTC - Search in distribution
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