Log::Fu - Simplified and developer-friendly screen logging ++

This is a simple interface for console logging. It provides a few functions, "log_info", "log_debug", "log_warn", "log_crit", and "log_err". They all take strings as arguments, and can take as many arguments as you so desire (so any concatenation is ...

MNUNBERG/Log-Fu-0.31 - 23 Oct 2013 02:13:53 GMT - Search in distribution

Regexp::Log - A base class for log files regexp builders 1 ++

Regexp::Log is a base class for a variety of modules that generate regular expressions for performing the usual data munging tasks on log files that cannot be simply split(). The goal of this module family is to compute regular expressions based on t...

BOOK/Regexp-Log-0.06   (1 review) - 10 Nov 2011 19:54:43 GMT - Search in distribution

IO::Stringy - I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays 1 ++

This toolkit primarily provides modules for performing both traditional and object-oriented i/o) on things *other* than normal filehandles; in particular, IO::Scalar, IO::ScalarArray, and IO::Lines. In the more-traditional IO::Handle front, we have I...

DSKOLL/IO-stringy-2.110   (1 review) - 14 Feb 2005 16:32:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Sybase::Xfer - Bcp data into a Sybae table from multiple sources ++

Bulk copies data into a Sybase table. Data sources can include a) another Sybase table, b) the results of any Transact-Sql, c) the return values from a perl subroutine called repetitively, or d) a flat file. Comes with robust error reporting, handlin...

SPRAGST/Sybase-Xfer-0.63 - 14 Jun 2003 11:25:45 GMT - Search in distribution

WWW::Myspace - Access MySpace.com profile information from Perl ++
STEVENC/WWW-Myspace-0.92   (2 reviews) - 29 Jan 2009 13:45:39 GMT - Search in distribution

POE::Sugar::Attributes - Subrouting Attributes for common POE tasks ++
MNUNBERG/POE-Sugar-Attributes-0.02 - 21 Dec 2011 03:33:51 GMT - Search in distribution