Log::Syslog::Constants - Perl extension containing syslog priority constants as defined in RFC3164.

Syslog messages--as standardized in RFC3164--embed a priority number (the PRI part) which is composed of a severity and a facility value. The constants which encode these values are specified in section 4.1.1, and are made available by this module. F...

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  • Log::Syslog::Fast - Perl extension for sending syslog messages over TCP, UDP, or UNIX sockets with minimal CPU overhead.

XAS - Middleware for Datacenter Operations

XAS is middleware for datacenter operations. Every datacenter has those little one off scripts that perform some important task. Most of them were written on the fly, to automate some specific task. These scripts have grown organically, they may have...

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Log::Fast - Fast and flexible logger

This is very fast logger, designed for use in applications with thousands high-level events/operations per second (like network servers with thousands clients or web spiders which download hundreds url per second). For example, on Core2Duo sending ab...

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VUser::Log - Logging support for vuser

Generic logging module for vuser. Creating a New VUser::Log $log = VUser::Log->new($cfg, $ident); $log = VUser::Log->new($cfg, $ident, $section); $cfg A reference to a tied Config::IniFiles hash. $ident The identifier for this log object. This will b...

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Log::Info - Wrapper around Log::Log4perl

This tool is now just a wrapper around Log::Log4perl. The author recommends that you use that module instead; this module is maintained purely to provide a migration path thereto. All documentation for using Log::Info has been excised, except for tha...

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Sys::Syslog - Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls

"Sys::Syslog" is an interface to the UNIX syslog(3) program. Call "syslog()" with a string priority and a list of "printf()" args just like syslog(3)....

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Log::Stderr - Simple logging to Stderr

This module provides a convenient way to have a timestamped log output on STDERR. It also defines some mnemonic constants that you may want to use to name the log levels (these were shamelessly stolen from the syslog(3) man page) This is a tiny modul...

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saftsumm - a postfix logfile analyzer

Saftsumm is a log analyzer/summarizer for the Postfix MTA. It provides a pflogsumm like interface to the saftpresse log file analyzer. Saftpresse itself is a fork of the pflogsumm script written by Jim Seymour. It is designed to provide an over-view ...

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Unix::Syslog - Perl interface to the UNIX syslog(3) calls

This module provides an interface to the system logger syslogd(8) via Perl's XSUBs. The implementation attempts to resemble the native libc-functions of your system, so that anyone being familiar with syslog.h should be able to use this module right ...

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MQSeries - Perl extension for MQSeries support

This module provides a perl language interface to MQSeries functions. It uses the standard MQSeries interface except where a perl convention is required or just more useful. Where data structures are required, this interface uses a hash reference. Th...

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Net::IMP - Inspection and Modification Protocol

IMP is a protocol for inspection, modification and rejection of data between two sides (client and server) using an analyzer implementing this interface. Basics IMP is an asynchronous protocol, usually used together with callbacks. * Using the "data"...

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Log::Journald - Send messages to a systemd journal

This module wraps sd-journal(3) APIs for easy use in Perl. It makes it possible to easily use systemd-journald.service(8)'s structured logging capabilities and includes location of the logging point in the source code in the messages. Backends for Lo...

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Apache2::Log - Perl API for Apache Logging Methods

"Apache2::Log" provides the Perl API for Apache logging methods. Depending on the the current "LogLevel" setting, only logging with the same log level or higher will be loaded. For example if the current "LogLevel" is set to *warning*, only messages ...

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Net::OSCAR - Implementation of AOL's OSCAR protocol for instant messaging (for interacting with AIM a.k.a. AOL IM a.k.a. AOL Instant Messenger - and ICQ, too!)

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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Log::AndError - Logging module for ISA inclusion in other modules or as a standalone module.

This is a generic log and error class for Perl modules. There are two distinct pieces here. The error functions and the logging. The error functions are most convenient when inherited by your package although this is not needed. They are mostly here ...

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perl58delta - what is new for perl v5.8.0

This document describes differences between the 5.6.0 release and the 5.8.0 release. Many of the bug fixes in 5.8.0 were already seen in the 5.6.1 maintenance release since the two releases were kept closely coordinated (while 5.8.0 was still called ...

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Log::Log4perl - Log4j implementation for Perl

Log::Log4perl lets you remote-control and fine-tune the logging behaviour of your system from the outside. It implements the widely popular (Java-based) Log4j logging package in pure Perl. For a detailed tutorial on Log::Log4perl usage, please read <...

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RPC::pServer - Perl extension for writing pRPC servers

pRPC (Perl RPC) is a package that simplifies the writing of Perl based client/server applications. RPC::pServer is the package used on the server side, and you guess what Net::pRPC::Client is for. See Net::pRPC::Client(3) for this part. pRPC works by...

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