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package MyClass; use M; # write the entire class here by hand Moose led to Mouse lead to Moo led to Mo. But INGY's Mo does so little the only way I could see to usefully do less was to do absolutely nothing. Which M duly does....

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Tree::M - implement M-trees for efficient "metric/multimedia-searches"

(not yet) Ever had the problem of managing multi-dimensional (spatial) data but your database only had one-dimensional indices (b-tree etc.)? Queries like select data from table where latitude > 40 and latitude < 50 and longitude> 50 and longitude< 6...

MLEHMANN/Tree-M-0.031 - 03 Mar 2005 17:56:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Geo::TigerLine::Record::M - TIGER/Line 2006 Feature Spatial Metadata Record

This is a class representing record type M of the TIGER/Line 2006 census geographic database. Each object is one record. It also contains methods to parse TIGER/Line record type M files and turn them into objects. This is intended as an intermediate ...

EZARKO/Geo-TigerLine-0.03 - 11 Nov 2010 04:59:15 GMT - Search in distribution

Perl6::Pod::FormattingCode::M - class of M code

Perldoc modules can define their own formatting codes, using the code. An code must start with a colon-terminated scheme specifier. The rest of the enclosed text is treated as the (verbatim) contents of the formatting code. For example: =use Perldoc:...

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BEECEE/Geo-Location-TimeZone-0.1 - 15 Dec 2011 07:49:32 GMT - Search in distribution

efa-m - Unofficial interface to the efa.vrr.de departure monitor

efa-m lists scheduled tram, bus and train departures at the location *name* in *city*. Realtime data (i.e. delays) is included if available, it's visible in the output as a "+x" remark (meaning a delay of x minutes). By default, *name* refers to a st...

DERF/Travel-Status-DE-VRR-1.12 - 04 Aug 2015 17:23:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Color::Library::Dictionary::NBS_ISCC::M - (NBS/ISCC M) Dictionary of Color

Kenneth L. Kelly and Deanne B. Judd. "Color: Universal Language and Dictionary of Names", National Bureau of Standards, Spec. Publ. 440, Dec. 1976, 189 pages. Color Name Dictionary: (M) Dictionary of Color Maerz and Paul, Dictionary of Color, 1st ed....

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  • Color::Library - An easy-to-use and comprehensive named-color library

aseag-m - Unofficial interface to the ASEAG departure monitor

aseag-m lists upcoming bus departures at the ASEAG stop *name*. It only shows realtime data and has no knowledge of schedules or delays. Departures without such data may not appear at all....

DERF/Travel-Status-DE-URA-1.00 - 31 Oct 2015 11:02:51 GMT - Search in distribution

hafas-m - Interface to the DeutscheBahn/HAFAS online departure monitor

hafas-m is an interface to HAFAS-based departure monitors, for instance the one available at <http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/bhftafel.exe/dn>. It requests all departures at *station* (optionally filtered by date, time, route and means of transport)...

DERF/Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-2.01 - 10 Oct 2015 18:11:33 GMT - Search in distribution

mRuby - mruby binding for perl5.

mRuby is mruby binding for perl5....

KARUPA/mRuby-0.12 - 21 Jan 2016 10:27:43 GMT - Search in distribution

MCrypt - Perl extension for MCrypt Crypto library

This is an perl interface to the MCrypt crypto library, which supports a wide variety of block algorithms such as DES, TripleDES, Blowfish (default), 3-WAY, SAFER-SK64, SAFER-SK128, TWOFISH, TEA, RC2, GOST, LOKI, SERPENT, CAST and RIJNDAEL in CBC, OF...

FKUO/MCrypt-0.92 - 15 Dec 2000 04:51:41 GMT - Search in distribution


MQdb.pm is a base toolkit for working with relational databases in the context of a federation of object databases. It provides some base federation support and a variation on an Object-relational-mapped template model....

JMS/MQdb_0.954 - 03 Jun 2009 07:15:40 GMT - Search in distribution

MFor - A module for multi-dimension looping.

This module provides another way to do loop. EXPORT mfor...

CORNELIUS/MFor-0.052 - 22 Feb 2009 12:55:01 GMT - Search in distribution

TemplateM - *ML templates processing module

SCHEMES While defining use it can specify 2 accessible schemes - galore (default) or simple. It is not obligatory to point at default scheme. Simple scheme is basic and defines using of basic methods: "cast, cast_if, cast_loop, finalize and html" Sim...

ABALAMA/TemplateM-3.03 - 08 Jul 2013 14:46:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Config_m - compile ActivePerl mdoules with MinGW

This module is only useful at Makefile.PL invocation time. It modifies some %Config values allowing compilation of Perl XS modules with MinGW GCC....

MBARBON/ExtUtils-FakeConfig-0.12 - 15 Oct 2008 18:55:27 GMT - Search in distribution

MBclient - Add modbus TCP or RTU functions for your program.

Modbus is a standard serial communication protocol used to interconnect industrial PLC (and a lot of other things). This module gives you access to TCP and RTU version of this protocol, through the MBclient object. You can have a look at http://en.wi...

LLE/MBclient-1.57 - 27 Nov 2014 15:58:28 GMT - Search in distribution
  • MBclient - Add modbus TCP or RTU functions for your program.

Crypt::MCrypt - Perl interface for libmcrypt C library.

This is a perl interface to libmcrypt c library. It exposes the crypto functions provided by the libmcrypt library in a perl interface with a binding code that accounts for null C strings in ciphertext or plain text....

SHANTANU/Crypt-MCrypt-0.07 - 12 Sep 2013 09:18:18 GMT - Search in distribution

MMapDB - a simple database in shared memory

"MMapDB" implements a database similar to a hash of hashes of hashes, ..., of arrays of data. It's main design goals were: * very fast read access * lock-free read access for massive parallelism * minimal memory consumption per accessing process * tr...

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  • MMDB-lookup - a command line lookup tool for MMapDB databases

App::MonM - Simple Monitoring Tools

Simple Monitoring Tools...

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MColPro - A simple monitoring and alarm system

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