MARC - Perl extension to manipulate MAchine Readable Cataloging records. ++ is a Perl 5 module for reading in, manipulating, and outputting bibliographic records in the *USMARC* format. You will need to have Perl 5.004 or greater for to work properly. Since it is a Perl module you use from one of your...

BBIRTH/MARC-1.07 - 24 Apr 2000 03:34:57 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::XML - A subclass of to provide XML support. 1 ++

MARC::XML is a subclass of which provides methods for round-trip conversions between MARC and XML. MARC::XML requires that you have the CPAN modules and XML::Parser installed in your Perl library. Version 1.04 of and 2.27 of X...

BBIRTH/MARC-XML-0.4 - 24 Apr 2000 03:35:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Tk::MARC - Perl/Tk widget set for editing MARC::Records ++

A collection of Perl/Tk widgets for editing MARC::Record objects. A little short on POD right now... See the examples in the pl/ directory (especially the sample app '', rough though it is). SEE ALSO MARC::Record MARC::Descriptions AUTHOR Da...

DCHRIS/Tk-MARC-1.5 - 23 Jan 2004 03:42:21 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Fast - Very fast implementation of MARC database reader ++

This is very fast alternative to "MARC" and "MARC::Record" modules. It's is also very subtable for random access to MARC records (as opposed to sequential one). METHODS new Read MARC database my $marc = new MARC::Fast( marcdb => 'unimarc.iso', quiet ...

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MARC::File - Base class for files of MARC records 3 ++
GMCHARLT/MARC-Record-2.0.6 - 22 Oct 2013 16:40:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Catmandu::MARC - Catmandu modules for working with MARC data ++

With Catmandu, LibreCat tools abstract digital library and research services as data warehouse processes. As stores we reuse MongoDB or ElasticSearch providing us with developer friendly APIs. Catmandu works with international library standards such ...

HOCHSTEN/Catmandu-MARC-0.209 - 20 Feb 2015 12:39:42 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Detrans - De-transliterate text and MARC records ++

MARC::Detrans is an eclectic addition to the already eclectic MARC::Record distribution for de-transliterating MARC::Records. What is detransliteration you ask? Well it's the opposite of transliteration, which according to the Merriam-Webster: to rep...

ESUMMERS/MARC-Detrans-1.41 - 16 Nov 2009 12:55:54 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Loop - process a batch of MARC21 records ++

MARC::Loop is an alternative to MARC::File and MARC::Record that eschews an object-oriented approach in favor of a bare-bones procedural one. FUNCTIONS All of these functions are exported upon request. marcloop # This example prints a MARC record in ...

NKUITSE/MARC-Loop-0.01 - 10 May 2010 13:39:18 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Lint - Perl extension for checking validity of MARC records ++

Module for checking validity of MARC records. 99% of the users will want to do something like is shown in the synopsis. The other intrepid 1% will overload the "MARC::Lint" module's methods and provide their own special field-level checking. What thi...

EIJABB/MARC-Lint_1.48   (1 review) - 20 Jul 2014 17:32:47 GMT - Search in distribution
  • MARC::Lint::CodeData - Contains codes from the MARC code lists for Geographic Areas, Languages, and Countries.
  • marclint - MARC record linting utility


Collection of methods and subroutines, add-ons to MARC::Record, MARC::File, MARC::Field. Subroutines include: "as_formatted2()", add-on to MARC::Field, which pretty-prints fields, separating subfields by tabs, rather than line breaks. "recas_formatte...

EIJABB/MARC-Errorchecks-1.18 - 02 Sep 2013 19:54:40 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Transform - Perl module to transform a MARC record using a YAML configuration file ++

This is a Perl module to transform a MARC record using a YAML configuration file. It allows you to create , update , delete , duplicate fields and subfields of a record. You can also use scripts and lookup tables. You can specify conditions to execut...

REIVEUNE/MARC-Transform-0.003006 - 25 Nov 2014 12:52:42 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::SubjectMap - framework for translating subject headings ++

MARC::SubjectMap is a framework for providing translations of subject headings. MARC::SubjectMap is essentially a configuration which contains a list of fields/subfields to translate or copy, and a list of rules for translating one field/subfield val...

ESUMMERS/MARC-SubjectMap-0.92 - 06 May 2010 14:28:42 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Moose - Moose based MARC records set of tools ++

SYNOPSYS use MARC::Moose::Record; use MARC::Moose::Reader::File::Iso2709; my $reader = MARC::Moose::Reader::File::Iso2709->new( file => 'biblio.iso', ); while ( my $record = $reader->read() ) { # Remove some fields $record->fields([ grep { not $_->ta...

FREDERICD/marc-moose-1.0.24 - 25 Mar 2015 12:30:17 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Charset - convert MARC-8 encoded strings to UTF-8 ++

MARC::Charset allows you to turn MARC-8 encoded strings into UTF-8 strings. MARC-8 is a single byte character encoding that predates unicode, and allows you to put non-Roman scripts in MARC bibliographic records.

GMCHARLT/MARC-Charset-1.35 - 14 Aug 2013 02:57:52 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Loader - Perl module for creating MARC record from a hash ++

This is a Perl module for creating MARC records from a hash variable. MARC::Loader use MARC::Record. Hash keys naming convention. The names of hash keys are very important. They must begin with letter f followed by the 3-digit field name ( e.g. f099)...

REIVEUNE/MARC-Loader-0.004001 - 26 Aug 2011 10:16:52 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Descriptions - MARC metadata looker-upper ++

MARC::Description allows you to get either a string of information about a particular bit of a MARC record (eg: the description of the 245 tag, or the flags associated with tag 245 subfield \$a), or a hash of (hashes of) strings of information about ...

DCHRIS/MARC-Descriptions-0.9 - 16 Jan 2004 22:59:57 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::File::MiJ - Read newline-delimited marc-in-json files ++

A subclass of MARC::File for reading MARC records encoded as newline-delimited marc-in-json, as supported by pymarc/ruby-marc/marc4j and described at in-json/. SUBROUTINES/MET...

GMCHARLT/MARC-File-MiJ-0.04 - 23 Jul 2013 17:29:57 GMT - Search in distribution

MARC::Parser::RAW - MARC RAW format parser ++

MARC::Parser::RAW is a lightweight, fault tolerent parser for raw MARC records. Tags, indicators and subfield codes are not validated against the MARC standard. Record length from leader and field lengths from the directory are ignored. Records with ...

JOROL/MARC-Parser-RAW-0.01 - 28 May 2014 16:56:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Tk::MARC::Editor - a free-form editor for MARC::Record objects ++

Module for editing MARC records as text. It is derived from Tk::Text; the Contents method is overriden to handle MARC::Record objects. Right-clicking on the editor will bring up a menu which lets you add fields/subfields (and tells you what they are)...

DCHRIS/Tk-MARC-Editor-1.0 - 24 Feb 2006 21:05:13 GMT - Search in distribution