Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::MARCEL - Build and release a distribution like MARCEL River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This is a plugin bundle to load all plugins that I am using. It is equivalent to: [AutoVersion] ; -- fetch & generate files [GatherDir] exclude_match = ^README$ [Test::Compile] [Test::Perl::Critic] [MetaTests] [PodCoverageTests] [PodSyntaxTests] [Tes...

DOLMEN/Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-MARCEL-1.161760 - 24 Jun 2016 06:40:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Pod::Weaver::PluginBundle::MARCEL - Build POD documentation like MARCEL River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

This is the bundle used by default for my distributions. It is nearly equivalent to the following: [@CorePrep] [Name] [Version] [Region / prelude] [Generic / SYNOPSIS] [Generic / DESCRIPTION] [Generic / OVERVIEW] [Collect / ATTRIBUTES] command = attr...

MARCEL/Pod-Weaver-PluginBundle-MARCEL-1.102460 - 03 Sep 2010 10:28:08 GMT - Search in distribution

ud - print your text Upside Down River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

If you provide text as command line arguments, they'll be printed back to you, upside down. If you don't, input is expected on STDIN, and will be turned upside down when EOF is reached. Options --help Print this manpage and exit. --version Print the ...

DOHERTY/Text-UpsideDown-1.22 - 03 Aug 2013 01:05:58 GMT - Search in distribution

SNMP - The Perl5 'SNMP' Extension Module for the Net-SNMP SNMP package. River stage two • 11 direct dependents • 13 total dependents

Note: The perl SNMP 5.0 module which comes with net-snmp 5.0 and higher is different than previous versions in a number of ways. Most importantly, it behaves like a proper net-snmp application and calls init_snmp properly, which means it will read co...

HARDAKER/SNMP-5.0404 - 17 Oct 2013 13:57:17 GMT - Search in distribution

PSGI - Perl Web Server Gateway Interface Specification River stage two • 5 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

MIYAGAWA/PSGI-1.102 - 24 Jul 2013 20:13:37 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst - The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework River stage three • 608 direct dependents • 679 total dependents

Catalyst is a modern framework for making web applications without the pain usually associated with this process. This document is a reference to the main Catalyst application. If you are a new user, we suggest you start with Catalyst::Manual::Tutori...

JJNAPIORK/Catalyst-Runtime-5.90124 - 18 Jan 2019 22:36:07 GMT - Search in distribution

dip - Dynamic instrumentation like DTrace, using aspects River stage zero No dependents

"dip" is a dynamic instrumentation framework for troubleshooting Perl programs in real time. "dip" can provide fine-grained information, such as a log of the arguments with which a specific function is being called. Please see the documentation of th...

MARCEL/dip-1.17 - 03 Mar 2012 21:13:10 GMT - Search in distribution
  • dip - Dynamic instrumentation like DTrace, using aspects

perl5200delta - what is new for perl v5.20.0 River stage five • 9928 direct dependents • 29800 total dependents

This document describes differences between the 5.18.0 release and the 5.20.0 release. If you are upgrading from an earlier release such as 5.16.0, first read perl5180delta, which describes differences between 5.16.0 and 5.18.0....

XSAWYERX/perl-5.28.0 - 23 Jun 2018 02:05:28 GMT - Search in distribution

Aspect - Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) for Perl River stage two • 13 direct dependents • 15 total dependents

What is Aspect-Oriented Programming? Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) is a programming paradigm which aims to increase modularity by allowing the separation of "cross-cutting "concerns. It includes programming methods and tools that support the modu...

ADAMK/Aspect-1.04 - 09 Apr 2013 05:38:16 GMT - Search in distribution

GraphViz - Interface to AT&T's GraphViz. Deprecated. See GraphViz2 River stage two • 29 direct dependents • 41 total dependents

This module provides an interface to layout and image generation of directed and undirected graphs in a variety of formats (PostScript, PNG, etc.) using the "dot", "neato", "twopi", "circo" and "fdp" programs from the Graphviz project (http://www.gra...

RSAVAGE/GraphViz-2.24 - 27 Dec 2016 00:13:13 GMT - Search in distribution

once - Execute code only once throughout the program's lifetime River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 2 total dependents

This module provides a way to run code only once, no matter how often the surrounding code is called....

MARCEL/once-1.101420 - 22 May 2010 16:26:58 GMT - Search in distribution

PBS::GraphViz - Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool River stage zero No dependents

This module provides an interface to layout and image generation of directed and undirected graphs in a variety of formats (PostScript, PNG, etc.) using the "dot", "neato", "twopi", "circo" and "fdp" programs from the GraphViz project (http://www.gra...

NKH/PerlBuildSystem-0.44 - 12 May 2008 18:34:09 GMT - Search in distribution

CSS::Sass River stage one • 4 direct dependents • 5 total dependents

CSS::Sass provides a perl interface to libsass, a fairly complete Sass compiler written in C++. It is currently around ruby sass 3.3/3.4 feature parity and heading towards full 3.4 compatibility. It can compile .scss and .sass files....

OCBNET/CSS-Sass-3.4.13 - 11 Apr 2019 21:17:23 GMT - Search in distribution

POD2::RU::PSGI River stage zero No dependents

VTI/POD2-RU-PSGI-0.003 - 10 Aug 2014 11:02:27 GMT - Search in distribution

changes - interact with the Changes file River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

You can use this program to interact with a Changes file. Basically it first either reads an existing Changes file or creates a new one, then manipulates it, then either stores the results back in the file or displays it on STDOUT. To make the Change...

MARCEL/Module-Changes-0.05 - 09 Nov 2007 16:32:09 GMT - Search in distribution

ptags - generate Vim-style tags for your modules River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

MARCEL/Vim-Tag-1.110690 - 10 Mar 2011 17:10:55 GMT - Search in distribution
  • Vim::Tag - Generate perl tags for vim
  • ptagdir - print the directory in which a tag was found
  • Vim::Tag::Null - Empty base package for fake packages to aid tag generation

Dist::Zilla - distribution builder; installer not included! River stage three • 618 direct dependents • 664 total dependents

Dist::Zilla builds distributions of code to be uploaded to the CPAN. In this respect, it is like ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Module::Build, or Module::Install. Unlike those tools, however, it is not also a system for installing code that has been downloaded...

RJBS/Dist-Zilla-6.012 - 21 Apr 2018 08:22:01 GMT - Search in distribution

App::CPANIDX - Queryable web-based CPAN Index River stage one • 3 direct dependents • 3 total dependents

App::CPANIDX provides a number of scripts to build a queryable web-based CPAN index....

BINGOS/App-CPANIDX-0.40 - 18 Feb 2017 14:55:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::Printer - colored pretty-print of Perl data structures and objects River stage three • 151 direct dependents • 229 total dependents

GARU/Data-Printer-0.40 - 02 Aug 2017 01:13:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Brickyard - Plugin system based on roles River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 5 total dependents

This is a lightweight plugin system based on roles. It does not use Moose but relies on "Role::Basic" instead, and very few other modules. It takes its inspiration from Dist::Zilla, but has much less flexibility and therefore is also much less comple...

MARCEL/Brickyard-2.0.0 - 13 Aug 2013 17:35:54 GMT - Search in distribution

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