MIME::Decoder - an object for decoding the body part of a MIME stream River stage three • 65 direct dependents • 207 total dependents

This abstract class, and its private concrete subclasses (see below) provide an OO front end to the actions of... * Decoding a MIME-encoded stream * Encoding a raw data stream into a MIME-encoded stream. The constructor for MIME::Decoder takes the na...

DSKOLL/MIME-tools-5.509 - 05 Apr 2017 18:13:30 UTC - Search in distribution

MIME::Decoder::PGP - decode a "radix-64" PGP stream River stage zero No dependents

A MIME::Decoder subclass for a nonstandard encoding using the PGP tool. Common non-standard MIME encodings for this: x-pgp...

JWIED/Mail-IspMailGate-1.1013 - 30 Sep 1999 14:56:50 UTC - Search in distribution

Email::MIME::RFC2047::Decoder - Decoding of non-ASCII MIME headers River stage zero No dependents

This module decodes parts of MIME email message headers containing non-ASCII text according to RFC 2047....

NWELLNHOF/Email-MIME-RFC2047-0.97 - 31 Jul 2017 12:39:01 UTC - Search in distribution

MIME::Base32 - Base32 encoder and decoder River stage two • 8 direct dependents • 10 total dependents

This module is for encoding/decoding data much the way that MIME::Base64 does. Prior to version 1.0, MIME::Base32 used the "base32hex" (or "[0-9A-V]") encoding and decoding methods by default. If you need to maintain that behavior, please call "encod...

REHSACK/MIME-Base32-1.303 - 18 May 2017 17:02:03 UTC - Search in distribution

Sisimai::MIME - MIME Utilities River stage zero No dependents

Sisimai::MIME is MIME Utilities for "Sisimai"....

AKXLIX/Sisimai-v4.25.11 - 22 Feb 2021 12:24:56 UTC - Search in distribution

XMLRPC::Fast - fast XML-RPC encoder/decoder River stage zero No dependents

"XMLRPC::Fast", as its name suggests, tries to be a fast XML-RPC encoder & decoder. Contrary to most other XML-RPC modules on the CPAN, it doesn't offer a RPC-oriented framework, and instead behaves more like a serialization module with a purely func...

SAPER/XMLRPC-Fast-0.11 - 20 Jan 2016 09:52:42 UTC - Search in distribution

MIME::Charset - Charset Information for MIME River stage three • 3 direct dependents • 328 total dependents

MIME::Charset provides information about character sets used for MIME messages on Internet. Definitions The charset is ``character set'' used in MIME to refer to a method of converting a sequence of octets into a sequence of characters. It includes b...

NEZUMI/MIME-Charset-1.012.2 - 11 Apr 2017 09:45:25 UTC - Search in distribution

perlebcdic - Considerations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms River stage five • 10652 direct dependents • 31363 total dependents

An exploration of some of the issues facing Perl programmers on EBCDIC based computers. Portions of this document that are still incomplete are marked with XXX. Early Perl versions worked on some EBCDIC machines, but the last known version that ran o...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.34.0 - 20 May 2021 20:07:59 UTC - Search in distribution
  • perlebcdic - Considerations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms
  • perlebcdic - Considerations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms

Net::Wire10 - Pure Perl driver for MySQL, Sphinx and Drizzle. River stage zero No dependents

Net::Wire10 is a Pure Perl connector that talks to MySQL, Sphinx and Drizzle servers. Net::Wire10 implements the low-level network protocol, alias the MySQL wire protocol version 10, necessary for talking to one of the aforementioned servers without ...

DUBEX/Net-Wire10-1.08 - 12 Apr 2010 23:33:27 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::MPD - Communicate with an MPD server River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 2 total dependents

Net::MPD is designed as a lightweight replacment for Audio::MPD which depends on Moose and is no longer maintained....

ABERNDT/Net-MPD-0.07 - 17 Sep 2017 17:53:45 UTC - Search in distribution

Apache::MP3 - Generate streamable directories of MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files River stage zero No dependents

This module makes it possible to browse a directory hierarchy containing MP3, Ogg Vorbis, or Wav files, sort them on various fields, download them, stream them to an MP3 decoder like WinAmp, and construct playlists. The display is configurable and su...

LDS/Apache-MP3-4.00 - 15 Apr 2006 01:26:38 UTC - Search in distribution

share::mpd River stage zero No dependents

JJATRIA/Net-Async-MPD-0.005 - 08 Dec 2018 18:37:55 UTC - Search in distribution

CGI::Minimal - A lightweight CGI form processing package River stage one • 2 direct dependents • 4 total dependents

Provides a micro-weight alternative to the CGI.pm module Rather than attempt to address every possible need of a CGI programmer, it provides the _minimum_ functions needed for CGI such as form decoding (including file upload forms), URL encoding and ...

SNOWHARE/CGI-Minimal-1.30 - 15 Jun 2020 08:23:00 UTC - Search in distribution

Locale::Recode - Object-Oriented Portable Charset Conversion River stage three • 38 direct dependents • 195 total dependents

This module provides routines that convert textual data from one codeset to another in a portable way. The module has been started before Encode(3) was written. It's main purpose today is to provide charset conversion even when Encode(3) is not avail...

GUIDO/libintl-perl-1.32 - 26 Oct 2020 17:39:21 UTC - Search in distribution

Net::API::REST - Framework for RESTful APIs River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

The purpose of this module is to provide a powerful, yet simple framework to implement a RESTful API under Apache2 mod_perl....

JDEGUEST/Net-API-REST-v0.6.2 - 29 Dec 2020 13:44:47 UTC - Search in distribution

Mail::Message::Field::Full - construct one smart line in a message header River stage two • 9 direct dependents • 14 total dependents

This is the *full* implementation of a header field: it has *full* understanding of all predefined header fields. These objects will be quite slow, because header fields can be very complex. Of course, this class delivers the optimal result, but for ...

MARKOV/Mail-Message-3.010 - 14 Oct 2020 17:26:18 UTC - Search in distribution

News::GnusFilter - package for scoring usenet posts River stage zero No dependents

News::GnusFilter is a pure-Perl package for scripting an inline message filter. It adds "Gnus-Warning:" headers when presented with evidence of atypical content or otherwise nonstandard formatting for usenet messages. News::GnusFilter should be drop-...

JOESUF/News-GnusFilter-0.55 - 20 Sep 2001 08:48:37 UTC - Search in distribution

Email::Assets - Manage assets for Email River stage zero No dependents

TEEJAY/Email-Assets-0.10 - 23 Jan 2015 10:29:32 UTC - Search in distribution

Encode::Encoder - Object Oriented Encoder River stage five • 1037 direct dependents • 31362 total dependents

Here is how to use this module. * There are at least two instance variables stored in a hash reference, {data} and {encoding}. * When there is no method, it takes the method name as the name of the encoding and encodes the instance *data* with *encod...

DANKOGAI/Encode-3.10 - 18 May 2021 07:51:48 UTC - Search in distribution

Encode::Base32::GMP - High speed Base32 encoding using GMP with BigInt and MD5 support River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

Encode::Base32::GMP is a numerical Base32 encoder/decoder implementation using the GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library (GMP) with transcoding between Crockford, RFC 4648, z-base-32, and Base32hex / GMP implementations. The Crockford alphabet is...

JWANG/Encode-Base32-GMP-0.02 - 22 Sep 2013 19:02:23 UTC - Search in distribution
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