Mac::Spotlight::MDItem - Examine the results of a Spotlight query

Mac::Spotlight is primarily accessed through two subpackages MDQuery and MDItem. An MDQuery object is used to run a query and obtain the results. The results are in a list containing zero or more MDItem objects. This POD documents the methods of MDIt...

MIYAGAWA/Mac-Spotlight-0.06 - 24 Jul 2009 19:07:47 GMT - Search in distribution


WIML/Mac-Finder-DSStore-1.00 - 07 Nov 2013 09:23:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Mac::FindFile - Search Mac volumes/drives using native FSCatalogSearch API.

KWALZER/Mac-FindFile-0.01 - 28 Jun 2015 01:04:29 GMT - Search in distribution

Mac::QuickBundle - build Mac OS X bundles for Perl scripts

MBARBON/Mac-QuickBundle-0.03 - 04 Jun 2011 16:51:36 GMT - Search in distribution

File::Spotlight - List files from Smart Folder by reading .savedSearch files

File::Spotlight is a simple module to parse *.savedSearch* Smart Folder definition, run the query and get the results with OS X Spotlight binding via Mac::Spotlight. This is a low-level module to open and execute the saved search plist files. In your...

MIYAGAWA/File-Spotlight-0.05 - 23 Jul 2009 20:35:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Wrangler::Plugin::ColourLabels - Colour labeling for files and directories in Wrangler

Does what it says on the tin. When activated, this Plugin enables users to label files and folders (arbitrary inodes) with a colour. This has the effect that FileBrowser (and possibly other contexts as well) associate a colour with this file/dir, cha...

CLIPLAND/Wrangler-2.15 - 16 Feb 2015 19:07:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Kwiki::Search::Spotlight - Use Spotlight as Kwiki search engine

This Kwiki plugin requires Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) to work. It use metadata command line executables to index your Kwiki pages and to performa search....

GUGOD/Kwiki-Search-Spotlight-0.01 - 29 Apr 2005 11:48:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Plagger::Plugin::Search::Spotlight - Search Webbookmark files for Spotlight

This plugin creates webbookmark files and make feed updates searchable by Mac OSX Spotlight....

MIYAGAWA/Plagger-0.7.17 - 05 Dec 2006 07:40:09 GMT - Search in distribution

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