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Mail::CheckUser - check email addresses for validity River stage zero No dependents

This Perl module provides routines for checking validity of email address. It makes several checks: 1 It checks the syntax of an email address. 2 It checks if there any MX records or A records for the domain part of the email address. 3 It tries to c...

BBB/Mail-CheckUser-1.24 - 28 Nov 2016 19:00:30 UTC - Search in distribution
  • cufilter - Filter emails through Mail::CheckUser

Email::Find - Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text River stage two • 7 direct dependents • 11 total dependents

Email::Find is a module for finding a *subset* of RFC 822 email addresses in arbitrary text (see "CAVEATS"). The addresses it finds are not guaranteed to exist or even actually be email addresses at all (see "CAVEATS"), but they will be valid RFC 822...

MIYAGAWA/Email-Find-0.10 - 16 Jan 2007 19:45:28 UTC - Search in distribution

CCCP::LiveMX River stage zero No dependents

Getting a ip-list of living MX-records for hostname...

CCCP/CCCP-LiveMX-0.01 - 12 May 2011 16:28:51 UTC - Search in distribution

WebService::VerifyEmail - check validity of an email address using River stage zero No dependents

WebService::VerifyEmail is an interface to the service at <> which is used to check whether an email address is bad. The simplest way to use this module is the example given in the SYNOPSIS above. The module al...

NEILB/WebService-VerifyEmail-0.03 - 23 Oct 2015 20:39:45 UTC - Search in distribution

HTTP::WebTest::Cookbook - Recipes for typical web tests River stage one • 1 direct dependent • 1 total dependent

This document contains some examples of HTTP::WebTest usage. Unless otherwise is stated all examples are either runnable programs (see HTTP::WebTest::API) or runnable wtscript files (see perldoc wt)....

ILYAM/HTTP-WebTest-2.04 - 05 Sep 2003 20:27:38 UTC - Search in distribution
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