Mail::MboxParser - read-only access to UNIX-mailboxes

This module attempts to provide a simplified access to standard UNIX-mailboxes. It offers only a subset of methods to get 'straight to the point'. More sophisticated things can still be done by invoking any method from MIME::Tools on the appropriate ...

VPARSEVAL/Mail-MboxParser-0.55 - 08 Dec 2005 10:21:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::Mbox::MessageParser - A fast and simple mbox folder reader

This module implements a fast but simple mbox folder reader. One of three implementations (Cache, Grep, Perl) will be used depending on the wishes of the user and the system configuration. The first implementation is a cached-based one which stores e...

DCOPPIT/Mail-Mbox-MessageParser-1.5105 - 03 May 2015 02:45:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Image::Processor - Perl extension for woking with disk stores of images

NOTE - This module is in early stages of development. It is hoped that others will help develop it or submit suggestions for improvements. I have tested this on the Windows platform and all the features that support the reason behind starting this pr...

AARONJJ/Image-Processor-0.6 - 26 Feb 2002 18:19:46 GMT - Search in distribution

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