Mail::MsgStore - Complete mail client back end.

The primary goal of this module is ease of use. The Mail::Folder module, on top of not quite being complete yet, is a pretty low-level API. I was very impressed with how Win32::TieRegistry simplified an otherwise complex task, and decided to adopt a ...

FIVE/Mail-MsgStore-1.51 - 07 Jun 2000 16:56:12 GMT - Search in distribution

Mail::TieFolder - Tied hash interface for mail folders

Mail::TieFolder implements a tied hash interface for manipulating folder contents. Messages in the hash are accessed by Message-Id. See the Mail::TieFolder::* modules on CPAN for supported folder formats. If the format you're looking for isn't suppor...

STEVEGT/Mail-TieFolder-0.03 - 21 Jan 2001 17:33:28 GMT - Search in distribution

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