Markup::MatchNode - Comparison object of Markup::TreeNode.

Pretty much exactly the same as Markup::TreeNode. The major difference is the "compare_to" method. Likely you won't need this module explicitly. It is mostly used with Markup::Content....

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Bundle::Markup - A bundle to install the Markup distrobution

This bundle gathers together all of the prerequisite modules for Markup::*, as well as the Markup distrobution....

BPRUDENT/Bundle-Markup-0.1 - 25 Nov 2003 21:40:30 GMT - Search in distribution

Markup::MatchTree - For building trees to be compared to Markup::Trees.

Most likely you won't need to use this module explicitly unless you are doing some custom matching/parsing/extracting. Mainly this will be used by the upcoming Markup::Content module. See Markup::Tree for a description of the methods. The only differ...

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