MarpaX::Demo::StringParser - A Marpa-based parser for the DASH language

This module implements a parser for "DASH" (below), a wrapper language around Graphviz's DOT <>. That is, the module is a pre-processor for the DOT language. Specifically, this module demonstrates how to use Ma...

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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GraphViz2::Marpa - A Marpa-based parser for Graphviz dot files

GraphViz2::Marpa provides a Marpa::R2-based parser for Graphviz <> graph definitions. Demo output: <>. Marpa's homepage <>. Articl...

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MarpaX::Demo::JSONParser - A JSON parser with a choice of grammars

"MarpaX::Demo::JSONParser" demonstrates 2 grammars for parsing JSON. Only 1 grammar is loaded per run, as specified by the "bnf_file" option to "new()". See t/basic.tests.t for sample code....

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MarpaX::Grammar::Parser - Converts a Marpa grammar into a tree using Tree::DAG_Node

"MarpaX::Grammar::Parser" uses Marpa::R2 to convert a user's BNF into a tree of Marpa-style attributes, (see "raw_tree()"), and then post-processes that (see "compress_tree()") to create another tree, this time containing just the original grammar (s...

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MarpaX::Grammar::GraphViz2 - Convert a Marpa grammar into an image

For a given BNF, process the cooked tree output by MarpaX::Grammar::Parser, and turn it into an image. The tree holds a representation of the user's BNF (SLIF-DSL), and is managed by Tree::DAG_Node. This modules uses MarpaX::Grammar::Parser internall...

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