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Math::BigInt::Named - Math::BigInts that know their name in some languages ++

This is a subclass of Math::BigInt and adds support for named numbers. METHODS name() print Math::BigInt::Name->name( 123 ); Convert a BigInt to a name. from_name() my $bigint = Math::BigInt::Name->from_name('hundertzwanzig'); Create a Math::BigInt::...

TELS/Math-BigInt-Named-0.03   (1 review) - 24 Feb 2007 12:11:30 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON - JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoder/decoder 54 ++

*************************** CAUTION ************************************** * * * INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE (JSON::XS version 2.90) * * * * JSON.pm had patched JSON::XS::Boolean and JSON::PP::Boolean internally * * on loading time for making these modules i...

MAKAMAKA/JSON-2.90   (4 reviews) - 31 Oct 2013 10:39:15 GMT - Search in distribution
  • JSON::PP - JSON::XS compatible pure-Perl module.

perlop - Perl operators and precedence 210 ++

In Perl, the operator determines what operation is performed, independent of the type of the operands. For example "$a + $b" is always a numeric addition, and if $a or $b do not contain numbers, an attempt is made to convert them to numbers first. Th...

RJBS/perl-5.20.0   (5 reviews) - 27 May 2014 01:35:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Math::Big - Bundle of modules related to arbitrary size numbers ++

This is a bundle of modules related to arbitrary size numbers. This also includes arbitrary precision number modules. Please have a look at Bundle::Math. If you would like to see a specific module included in a future version of this bundle, please s...

SMUELLER/Bundle-Math-Big-1.00 - 03 Apr 2004 16:12:40 GMT - Search in distribution

JSON::PP - JSON::XS compatible pure-Perl module. 7 ++

This module is JSON::XS compatible pure Perl module. (Perl 5.8 or later is recommended) JSON::XS is the fastest and most proper JSON module on CPAN. It is written by Marc Lehmann in C, so must be compiled and installed in the used environment. JSON::...

MAKAMAKA/JSON-PP-2.27203   (1 review) - 17 Oct 2013 11:01:43 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::String - Arbitrary sized integers having arbitrary charsets to calculate with key rooms ++

This module lets you calculate with strings (specifically passwords, but not limited to) as if they were big integers. The strings can have arbitrary length and charsets. Please see Math::String::Charset for full documentation on possible character s...

TELS/Math-String-1.28 - 03 Apr 2008 16:14:06 GMT - Search in distribution

SNMP::Info - OO Interface to Network devices and MIBs through SNMP 2 ++

SNMP::Info gives an object oriented interface to information obtained through SNMP. This module is geared towards network devices. Subclasses exist for a number of network devices and common MIBs. The idea behind this module is to give a common inter...

OLIVER/SNMP-Info-3.18   (1 review) - 02 Jul 2014 08:14:58 GMT - Search in distribution

NetAddr::IP - Manages IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets 6 ++

This module provides an object-oriented abstraction on top of IP addresses or IP subnets that allows for easy manipulations. Version 4.xx of NetAddr::IP will work with older versions of Perl and is compatible with Math::BigInt. The internal represent...

MIKER/NetAddr-IP-4.075   (4 reviews) - 11 Jun 2014 18:42:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::Random - get random data from online sources 1 ++
DCANTRELL/Net-Random-2.31 - 05 Apr 2014 17:37:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Acme::Tools - Lots of more or less useful subs lumped together and exported into your namespace ++

A set of more or less useful subs collected for some time... EXPORT Almost every sub, about 60 of them. Beware of name space pollution. But what did you expect from an acme module? NUMBERS, SETS, STATISTICS min Returns the smallest in a list of numbe...

KJETIL/Acme-Tools-0.13   (1 review) - 13 Oct 2010 12:05:00 GMT - Search in distribution

MRS::Client - A SOAP-based client of the MRS Retrieval server ++

This module is a SOAP-based (Web Services) client that can talk, and get data from an MRS server, a search engine for biological and medical databanks that searches well over a terabyte of indexed text. See details about MRS and its author Maarten He...

TULSOFT/MRS-Client-1.0.1 - 22 Jun 2013 11:50:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Convert::ASN1 - ASN.1 Encode/Decode library 1 ++

Convert::ASN1 encodes and decodes ASN.1 data structures using BER/DER rules. METHODS new ( [OPTIONS] ) Contructor, creates a new object. If given, OPTIONS are the same ones as for "configure ( OPTIONS )" below. error () Returns the last error. config...

GBARR/Convert-ASN1-0.27 - 25 Jun 2014 18:49:11 GMT - Search in distribution

HTML::YaTmpl - Yet Another Template Processor ++

"HTML::YaTmpl" follows the object oriented paradigm, i.e. you have to create a template processor prior to using it. A template processor is not bound to any particular template. You can use one processor to evaluate various templates. But other prop...

OPI/HTML-YaTmpl-1.8 - 12 Jan 2005 15:51:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Win32::DirSize - Calculate sizes of directories on Win32 ++

Win32::DirSize will calculate the total size used by any directory on your Win32 file system. It can also give you the total count of files or directories under that directory. Informal benchmarks suggest this version of Win32::DirSize to be up to 50...

ARICH/Win32-DirSize-1.13 - 02 May 2005 23:30:16 GMT - Search in distribution

DBI::Changes - List of significant changes to the DBI 150 ++
TIMB/DBI-1.631   (27 reviews) - 20 Jan 2014 11:12:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Inline::MzScheme - Inline module for the PLT MzScheme interpreter ++

This module allows you to add blocks of Scheme code to your Perl scripts and modules. All user-defined procedures in your Scheme code will be available as Perl subroutines; association lists and hash tables are available as Perl hash refereces; lists...

AUTRIJUS/Inline-MzScheme-0.05 - 13 Jun 2004 04:32:33 GMT - Search in distribution

Sub::Contract - Pragmatic contract programming for Perl ++

Sub::Contract offers a pragmatic way to implement parts of the programming by contract paradigm in Perl. Sub::Contract is not a design-by-contract framework. Sub::Contract aims at making it very easy to constrain subroutines input arguments and retur...

ERWAN/Sub-Contract-0.12 - 16 Jun 2009 12:27:18 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Calculator - a multi-stack calculator class 1 ++

Math::Calculator is a simple class representing a stack-based calculator. It can have an arbitrary number of stacks. METHODS new This class method returns a new Math::Calculator object with one stack ("default"). current_stack $calc->current_stack($s...

RJBS/Math-Calculator-1.022 - 29 Sep 2013 01:46:39 GMT - Search in distribution

Win32API::File - Low-level access to Win32 system API calls for files/dirs. 1 ++

This provides fairly low-level access to the Win32 System API calls dealing with files and directories. To pass in "NULL" as the pointer to an optional buffer, pass in an empty list reference, "[]". Beyond raw access to the API calls and related cons...

CHORNY/Win32API-File-0.1201 - 28 Jan 2013 18:18:47 GMT - Search in distribution

AI::FuzzyLogic - Fuzzy Set Operations and Tools ++

Performs all basic operations on Fuzzy Sets. Use English-like, intentionally vague objects representing concepts with which to make inferences. The inferences might be approximate reasoning about precise knowledge, or precise reasoning about approxim...

SWALTERS/AI-FuzzyLogic-0.06   (1 review) - 15 Jan 2007 06:09:47 GMT - Search in distribution

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