Math::Fortran - Perl implementations of Fortran's sign() and log10()

This module provides and exports some mathematical functions which are built in in Fortran but not in Perl. Currently there are only 2 included. FUNCTIONS log10() Log to the base of 10 sign() With 1 parameter, +1 if $y >= 0, -1 otherwise. With 2 para...

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Inline - Write Perl Subroutines in Other Programming Languages

The Inline module allows you to put source code from other programming languages directly "inline" in a Perl script or module. The code is automatically compiled as needed, and then loaded for immediate access from Perl. Inline saves you from the has...

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Math::CDF - Generate probabilities and quantiles from several statistical probability functions

This module provides a perl interface to the DCDFLIB. See the section on DCDFLIB for more information. Functions are available for 7 continuous distributions (Beta, Chi-square, F, Gamma, Normal, Poisson and T-distribution) and for two discrete distri...

CALLAHAN/Math-CDF-0.1 - 17 Jan 2000 02:17:00 GMT - Search in distribution

perlfunc - Perl builtin functions

The functions in this section can serve as terms in an expression. They fall into two major categories: list operators and named unary operators. These differ in their precedence relationship with a following comma. (See the precedence table in perlo...

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Math::Lsoda - Solve ordinary differential equation systems using lsoda.

Math::Lsoda is a numerical module used for solving ordinary differential equations. The module is suitable for both stiff and non-stiff systems using the FORTRAN library odepack....

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Math::Utils - Useful mathematical functions not in Perl.

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Math::Evol - Evolution search optimisation

This module implements the evolution search strategy. Derivatives of the objective function are not required. Constraints can be incorporated. The caller must supply initial values for the variables and for the initial step sizes. This evolution stra...

PJB/Math-Evol-1.12 - 27 Aug 2010 08:08:10 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Random - Random Number Generators

Math::Random is a Perl port of the C version of randlib, which is a suite of routines for generating random deviates. See "RANDLIB" for more information. This port supports all of the distributions from which the Fortran and C versions generate devia...

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PDL::Course - A journey through PDL's documentation, from beginner to advanced.

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PDLA::Course - A journey through PDLA's documentation, from beginner to advanced.

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PDLA::Course - A journey through PDLA's documentation, from beginner to advanced.

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Bundle::Math::Numeric - Bundle of modules related to numeric algorithms

This is a bundle of modules related to numeric algorithms. Please have a look at Bundle::Math. If you would like to see a specific module included in a future version of this bundle, please send me an email or use

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Math::GSL::RNG - Random Number Generators

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FFI::Platypus - Write Perl bindings to non-Perl libraries with FFI. No XS required.

Platypus is a library for creating interfaces to machine code libraries written in languages like C, C++, Fortran, Rust, Pascal. Essentially anything that gets compiled into machine code. This implementation uses "libffi" to accomplish this task. "li...

PLICEASE/FFI-Platypus-0.45   (1 review) - 24 Oct 2016 12:02:04 GMT - Search in distribution

PDL::RungeKutta - Solve N-th order M dimensional ordinary differential equations using adaptive stepsize Runge Kutta method.

This module allows to solve N-th order M dimensional ordinary differential equations. It uses the adaptive stepsize control for fifth order Cash-Karp Runge-Kutta algorithm described in "Numerical Recipes in Fortran 77: The Art of Scientific Computing...

DRAGOS/PDL-RungeKutta-0.01 - 17 Sep 2003 08:16:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::MatrixReal - Matrix of Reals

LETO/Math-MatrixReal-2.13   (1 review) - 25 Sep 2016 19:05:41 GMT - Search in distribution


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Astro::Cosmology - calculate cosmological distances, volumes, and times

This module provides a set of routines to calculate a number of cosmological quantities based on distance and time. Some are a bit complex - e.g. the volume element at a given redshift - while some, such as the conversion between flux and luminosity,...

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Magazine_Article_06 - The Beauty of Perl 6 Parameter Passing

HINRIK/Perl6-Doc-0.47 - 06 Dec 2010 03:25:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Inline::C::Cookbook - A Cornucopia of Inline C Recipes

It's a lot easier for most of us to cook a meal from a recipe, rather than just throwing things into a pot until something edible forms. So it is with programming as well. "" makes C programming for Perl as easy as possible. Having a set of ...

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