Math::Interpolator - interpolate between lazily-evaluated points

This class supports interpolation of a curve between known points, known as "knots", with the knots being lazily evaluated. An object of this type represents a set of knots on a one-dimensional curve, the knots possibly not being predetermined. The m...

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Math::Function::Interpolator::Cubic helps you to do the interpolation calculation with cubic method. It solves the interpolated_y given point_x and a minimum of 5 data points....

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Math::InterpolationCompiler - Compile interpolations into perl coderefs

This module is much the same theme as Math::Interpolate and Math::Interpolator::Linear but it compiles the interpolations into actual Perl code, and pre-calculates all the numbers so that the end result is Log2(N) comparisons and a multiply and an ad...

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Time::TT::OffsetKnot - MJD/offset tuple for realisations of TT

This class assists in implementing a realisation of Terrestrial Time (TT) by interpolation using the "Time::TT::InterpolatingRealisation" class. Many such time scales are defined by tables of data giving the difference between TAI and the time scale ...

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