Math::MatrixReal - Matrix of Reals

LETO/Math-MatrixReal-2.13   (1 review) - 25 Sep 2016 19:05:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::MatrixReal::Ext1 - Minor extensions to Math::MatrixReal

Just scratching a couple of itches for functionality in Math::MatrixReal. [At the time I wrote this (2001) Math::MatrixReal was abandoned, but someone has since adopted it. My recent (2005) updates will also hopefully go into Math::MatrixReal, but fo...

MSOUTH/Math-MatrixReal-Ext1-0-07 - 14 Aug 2005 01:33:21 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::VectorReal - Module to handle 3D Vector Mathematics

The "Math::VectorReal" package defines a 3D mathematical "vector", in a way that is compatible with the previous CPAN module "Math::MatrixReal". However it provides a more vector oriented set of mathematical functions and overload operators, to the "...

ANTHONY/Math-VectorReal-1.02   (1 review) - 19 Aug 2002 07:35:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Matrix::MaybeGSL - Uniform use of Math::MatrixReal and Math::GSL::Matrix.

This module interfaces with "Math::GSL::Matrix" or, if that is not available, "Math::MatrixReal". The idea behind this module is to allow the development of tools that use matrices that will work in pure Perl (using "Math::MatrixReal") or with extra ...

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Semi-Rings A Semi-Ring (S, +, ., 0, 1) is characterized by the following properties: 1) a) "(S, +, 0) is a Semi-Group with neutral element 0" b) "(S, ., 1) is a Semi-Group with neutral element 1" c) "0 . a = a . 0 = 0 for all a in S" 2) "+" is commut...

STBEY/DFA-Kleene-1.0 - 07 Aug 1997 06:09:03 GMT - Search in distribution
  • DFA::Kleene - Kleene's Algorithm for Deterministic Finite Automata


Semi-Rings A Semi-Ring (S, +, ., 0, 1) is characterized by the following properties: 1) a) "(S, +, 0) is a Semi-Group with neutral element 0" b) "(S, ., 1) is a Semi-Group with neutral element 1" c) "0 . a = a . 0 = 0 for all a in S" 2) "+" is commut...

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perlfaq4 - Data Manipulation

This section of the FAQ answers questions related to manipulating numbers, dates, strings, arrays, hashes, and miscellaneous data issues....

LLAP/perlfaq-5.021011 - 04 Mar 2016 20:04:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Math::Matrix - Bundle related to math with matrices or vectors

This is a bundle of modules related to math with matrices or vectors. Please have a look at Bundle::Math. If you would like to see a specific module included in a future version of this bundle, please send me an email or use

SMUELLER/Bundle-Math-Matrix-1.01 - 15 May 2005 17:49:51 GMT - Search in distribution

Bit::Vector - Efficient bit vector, set of integers and "big int" math library

OVERLOADED OPERATORS See Bit::Vector::Overload(3). MORE STRING IMPORT/EXPORT See Bit::Vector::String(3). CLASS METHODS * "$version = Bit::Vector->Version();" Returns the current version number of this module. * "$bits = Bit::Vector->Word_Bits();" Ret...

STBEY/Bit-Vector-7.4   (4 reviews) - 20 Nov 2014 09:49:01 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Project3D - Project functions of multiple parameters from R^3 onto an arbitrary plane

Methods new "new" may be used as a class or object method. In the current implementation both have the same effect. "new" returns a new Math::Project3D object. You need to pass a number of arguments as a list of key/value pairs: plane_basis_vector =>...

SMUELLER/Math-Project3D-1.02 - 07 Oct 2006 12:04:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Set::IntRange - Sets of Integers

This class lets you dynamically create sets of arbitrary intervals of integers and perform all the basic operations for sets on them (for a list of available methods and operators, see above). See Bit::Vector(3) for more details!...

STBEY/Set-IntRange-5.2 - 06 Oct 2009 08:20:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Statistics::MVA - Base module/Dependency for other modules in Statistics::MVA namespace.

This module is a base module for the other modules in the Statistics::MVA namespace (e.g. Statistics::MVA::Bartlett, Statistics::MVA::Hotelling etc.). It is not intended for direct use - though it may be used for generating covariance matrices direct...

DSTH/Statistics-MVA-0.0.2 - 25 Jan 2010 19:33:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Assistant - functions for various exact algebraic calculations

The module contains important algebraic operations: matrix rank, determinant and solve an equation system. The integer values are accepted. Calculations with the raised accuracy....

DONANGEL/Math-Assistant-0.05 - 05 Jan 2013 12:07:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Graph::Kruskal - Kruskal's Algorithm for Minimal Spanning Trees in Graphs

This algorithm computes the Minimal Spanning Tree of a given graph according to some cost function defined on the edges of that graph. Input: A set of vortices which constitute a graph (some cities on a map, for example), a set of edges (i.e., roads)...

STBEY/Graph-Kruskal-2.0 - 07 Aug 1997 06:10:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Statistics::PCA - A simple Perl implementation of Principal Component Analysis.

Principal component analysis (PCA) transforms higher-dimensional data consisting of a number of possibly correlated variables into a smaller number of uncorrelated variables termed principal components (PCs). The higher the ranking of the PCs the gre...

DSTH/Statistics-PCA-0.0.1 - 07 Dec 2009 15:16:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Graph::Weighted - A weighted graph implementation

A "Graph::Weighted" object is a subclass of the Graph module with attribute handling. As such, all of the Graph methods may be used, with the addition of custom weighting....

GENE/Graph-Weighted-0.7001 - 03 Feb 2016 06:05:13 GMT - Search in distribution

Array::Transpose - Transposes a 2-Dimensional Array

This package exports one function named transpose. In linear algebra, the transpose of a matrix A is another matrix A' created by any one of the following equivalent actions: * write the rows of A as the columns of A' * write the columns of A as the ...

MRDVT/Array-Transpose-0.06 - 29 Dec 2013 09:05:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::PerlFormance - Max dependencies for Benchmark::Perl::Formance

SCHWIGON/Task-PerlFormance-0.007 - 06 May 2016 13:46:08 GMT - Search in distribution

Color::Model::RGB - Color model of RGB

Color::Model::RGB is a color model of RGB implemented by 3D mathematical vector. This provides abstruct calculation for colors with overloding and methods to convert values to simply hexadecimal string designed for HTML, CSS and etc. Color::Model::RG...

TONODERA/Color-Model-RGB-1.02   (1 review) - 12 Mar 2010 16:02:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::MatrixSparse - Perl extension for sparse matrices.

* "use Math::MatrixSparse;" Load the module and make its methods and operators available. CREATION AND INPUT-OUTPUT METHODS * "Math::MatrixSparse->new($name)" "new Math::MatrixSparse($name)" Creates a new empty matrix named $name, which may be undef....

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