Math::Random::MT::Auto - Auto-seeded Mersenne Twister PRNGs

The Mersenne Twister is a fast pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) that is capable of providing large volumes (> 10^6004) of "high quality" pseudorandom data to applications that may exhaust available "truly" random data sources or system-provided P...

JDHEDDEN/Math-Random-MT-Auto-6.22 - 04 Sep 2012 14:08:23 GMT - Search in distribution

UI::KeyboardLayout - Module for designing keyboard layouts

In this section, a "keyboard" has a certain "character repertoir" (which characters may be entered using this keyboard), and a mapping associating a character in the repertoir to a keypress or to several (sequential or simultaneous) keypresses. A sma...

ILYAZ/UI-KeyboardLayout-0.71 - 30 Jul 2016 14:22:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Object::InsideOut - Comprehensive inside-out object support module

This module provides comprehensive support for implementing classes using the inside-out object model. Object::InsideOut implements inside-out objects as anonymous scalar references that are blessed into a class with the scalar containing the ID for ...

JDHEDDEN/Object-InsideOut-4.04 - 01 Mar 2017 05:03:59 GMT - Search in distribution

Hash::Ordered::Benchmarks - Ordered hash benchmarking

DAGOLDEN/Hash-Ordered-0.012 - 09 Mar 2017 16:41:42 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Prime::Util::GMP - Utilities related to prime numbers and factoring, using GMP

A module for number theory in Perl using GMP. This includes primality tests, getting primes in a range, factoring, and more. While it certainly can be used directly, the main purpose of this module is for Math::Prime::Util. That module will automatic...

DANAJ/Math-Prime-Util-GMP-0.46 - 17 Apr 2017 10:15:32 GMT - Search in distribution

Net::OAuth2::Scheme::Factory - the default factory for token schemes

A token scheme factory object parses a collection of option settings (normally given as the arguments for Net::OAuth2::Scheme->new()), and then exports a set of specialized methods (closures) that a corresponding scheme object will need. The implemen...

WROG/Net-OAuth2-Scheme-0.03 - 12 Jan 2012 00:53:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Data::UUID::MT - Fast random UUID generator using the Mersenne Twister algorithm

This UUID generator uses the excellent Math::Random::MT::Auto module as a source of fast, high-quality (pseudo) random numbers. Three different types of UUIDs are supported. Two are consistent with RFC 4122 and one is a custom variant that provides a...

DAGOLDEN/Data-UUID-MT-1.001 - 20 Jun 2013 14:45:40 GMT - Search in distribution

Math::Random::MTwist - A fast stateful Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator.

Math::Random::MTwist is a Perl interface to Geoff Kuenning's mtwist C library. It provides several seeding methods and various random number distributions. All functions are available through a function-oriented interface and an object-oriented inter...

CGPAN/Math-Random-MTwist-0.17 - 04 Aug 2014 17:00:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Statistics::Sampler::Multinomial - Generate multinomial samples using the conditional binomial method.

Implements multinomial sampling using the conditional binomial method (the same algorithm as used in the GSL). Benchmarking shows it to be faster than the Alias method implemented in Statistics::Sampler::Multinomial::AliasMethod, presumably because t...

SLAFFAN/Statistics-Sampler-Multinomial-0.7 - 18 Feb 2017 21:53:27 GMT - Search in distribution

Bundle::Math::Random - Bundle of modules related to random numbers

This is a bundle of modules related to random numbers. Please have a look at Bundle::Math. If you would like to see a specific module included in a future version of this bundle, please send me an email or use

SMUELLER/Bundle-Math-Random-1.02 - 11 Jul 2005 21:45:32 GMT - Search in distribution

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