Math::Symbolic::Custom::Pattern - Pattern matching on Math::Symbolic trees

This module is an extension to the Math::Symbolic module. A basic familiarity with that module is required. The Math::Symbolic::Custom::Pattern module implements pattern matching routines on Math::Symbolic trees. The patterns itself are constructed f...

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perldiag - various Perl diagnostics

These messages are classified as follows (listed in increasing order of desperation): (W) A warning (optional). (D) A deprecation (enabled by default). (S) A severe warning (enabled by default). (F) A fatal error (trappable). (P) An internal error yo...

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Task::Math::Symbolic - Math::Symbolic with lots of plugins

This installs Math::Symbolic and a load of easily installable (i.e. pure Perl) plugins that make the module so much more powerful. Math::Symbolic - The base module Math::Symbolic::Custom::Contains - Extension for finding subtrees Math::Symbolic::Cust...

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Bundle::Math::Symbolic - Bundle of modules related to symbolic math

This is a bundle of modules related to symbolic math. Please have a look at Bundle::Math. If you would like to see a specific module included in a future version of this bundle, please send me an email or use

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Math::SymbolicX::Calculator::Interface - Miscallaneous routines for interfaces

*This is very much an internal class.* This module is a base class for interfaces to Math::SymbolicX::Calculator. It is not an interface by itself. It doesn't even define stubs for all methods of an interface and as such isn't an interface definition...

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Math::Symbolic::Custom::Transformation - Transform Math::Symbolic trees

Math::Symbolic::Custom::Transformation is an extension to the Math::Symbolic module. You're assumed to be remotely familiar with that module throughout the documentation. This package implements transformations of Math::Symbolic trees using Math::Sym...

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