Mediainfo - Perl interface to Mediainfo

This module is a thin layer above "Mediainfo" which supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file. <>...

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App::MediaInfo - Get information about media files/URLs

PERLANCAR/App-MediaInfo-0.11 - 05 Apr 2016 19:47:42 GMT - Search in distribution
  • media-info - Get information about media files/URLs

Media::Info::Mediainfo - Return information on media file/URL, using the `mediainfo` program

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Image::ExifTool::TagNames - ExifTool tag name documentation

This document contains a complete list of ExifTool tag names, organized into tables based on information type. Tag names are used to reference specific meta information extracted from or written to a file....

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Audio::XMMSClient - Interface to the xmms2 music player

This module provides a perl interface to the xmms2 client library....

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Media::Info - Return information on media file/URL

This module provides a common interface for Media::Info::* modules, which you can use to get information about a media file (like video, music, etc) using specific backends. Currently the available backends include Media::Info::Mplayer, Media::Info::...

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