Migraine - DB schema MIGRAtor that takes headache out of the game

DB schema migrator (migraine) implementation module. See migraine for more details. To be able to know the current version of the DB schema in a given database, the "Migraine" module maintains certain meta information in it, in special tables called ...

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  • migraine - DB schema MIGRAtor that takes headache out of the game


This program authenticates user by asking for valid username and password to connect to UMLSKS. Once the user is authenticated he can enter different terms and CUIs and get back the information about them from the UMLSKS Metathesaurus database. The p...

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This document is a central location within the Muldis::Rosetta distribution where any important recommendations of or links to external resources go. This includes both resources that were helpful in making Muldis Rosetta, as well as resources that a...

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