Module::Install::DOAP - generate META.yml data from DOAP ++

This Module::Install plugin generates your META.yml file from RDF data (especially DOAP) in your distribution's 'meta' directory....

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Module::Install::DOAPChangeSets - write your distribution change log in RDF ++

This package allows you to write your Changes file in Turtle or RDF/XML and autogenerate a human-readable text file. To do this, create an RDF file called "meta/changes.ttl" (or something like that) and describe your distribution's changes in RDF usi...

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Module::Install::RDF - advanced metadata for your distribution ++

This module doesn't really do much on its own, but is a pre-requisite for Module::Install::DOAP. Specifically, it reads all the RDF it can find in the distribution's "meta" directory and exposes it for other modules to make use of. It also allows you...

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Module::Package::RDF - drive your distribution with RDF ++

Really simple Makefile.PL....

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Test::RDF::DOAP::Version - tests 'meta/changes.ttl' is up to date ++

"doap_version_ok($dist, $module)" Reads all RDF in a distribution's "meta" directory and checks the distribution metadata matches the pattern: ?uri doap:release ?rel . ?rel doap:revision ?ver . Where ?uri is the URI "

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RDF::TrineX::Parser::Pretdsl - the Perl RDF Extended Turtle Domain-Specific Language ++

Pretdsl is a domain-specific language for describing Perl projects (in particular CPAN releases) in RDF triples. It can be seen as an enhanced version of Turtle/N3, or an application of ShorthandRDF. About Pretdsl Pretdsl is Notation 3, plus... Prede...

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CPAN::Meta::History::Meta_1_0 - Version 1.0 metadata specification for META.yml 17 ++

This document describes version 1.0 of the META.yml specification. The META.yml file describes important properties of contributed Perl distributions such as the ones found on CPAN <>. It is typically created by tools like Module::...

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Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Apocalyptic - Let the apocalypse build your dist! ++

This plugin bundle attempts to automate as much as sanely possible the job of building your dist. It builds upon Dist::Zilla and utilizes numerous plugins to reduce the burden on the programmer. # In your dist.ini: name = My-Super-Cool-Dist [@Apocaly...

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