Module::Spy - Spy for Perl5

Module::Spy is spy library for Perl5....

TOKUHIROM/Module-Spy-0.07 - 01 Mar 2017 12:55:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Pumpkin - Notes on handling the Perl Patch Pumpkin And Porting Perl

This document attempts to begin to describe some of the considerations involved in patching, porting, and maintaining perl. This document is still under construction, and still subject to significant changes. Still, I hope parts of it will be useful,...

XSAWYERX/perl-5.26.0 - 30 May 2017 19:41:19 GMT - Search in distribution

CGI::Simple - A Simple totally OO CGI interface that is compliant

CGI::Simple provides a relatively lightweight drop in replacement for It shares an identical OO interface to for parameter parsing, file upload, cookie handling and header generation. This module is entirely object oriented, however a ...

SZABGAB/CGI-Simple-1.115 - 19 Oct 2014 12:53:24 GMT - Search in distribution

Astro::SpaceTrack - Retrieve orbital data from

This package retrieves orbital data from the Space Track web site <> and several others. You must register and get a user name and password before you can get data from Space Track. Other methods ("celestrak()", "amsat()", ...

WYANT/Astro-SpaceTrack-0.099 - 25 May 2017 02:53:27 GMT - Search in distribution

MoobX - Reactive programming framework heavily inspired by JavaScript's MobX

As I was learning how to use <|MobX>, I thought it'd be fun to try to implement something similar in Perl. So I did. To set Moose object attributes to be observers or observables, take a gander at MoobX::Trait::Observabl...

YANICK/MoobX-0.1.0 - 14 Jan 2017 22:50:03 GMT - Search in distribution


HINRIK/Perl6-Doc-0.47 - 06 Dec 2010 03:25:27 GMT - Search in distribution

beancounter - Stock portfolio performance monitor tool

beancounter gathers and analyses stock market data to evaluate portfolio performance. It has several modes of operation. The first main mode is data gathering: both current data (e.g. end-of-day closing prices) and historical price data (to back-popu...

EDD/beancounter_0.8.10 - 13 Jun 2010 22:34:58 GMT - Search in distribution

Class::Declare - Declare classes with public, private and protected attributes and methods.

Class::Declare allows class authors to specify public, private and protected attributes and methods for their classes, giving them control over how their modules may be accessed. The standard object oriented programming concepts of *public*, *private...

IBB/Class-Declare-0.20 - 02 Dec 2016 20:23:23 GMT - Search in distribution

XML::Mini - Perl implementation of the XML::Mini XML create/parse interface.

XML::Mini is a set of Perl classes that allow you to access XML data and create valid XML output with a tree-based hierarchy of elements. The MiniXML API has both Perl and PHP implementations. It provides an easy, object-oriented interface for manipu...

PDEEGAN/XML-Mini-1.38 - 05 Feb 2008 00:13:17 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::AutomationFramework - Test Automation Framework (TAF)

YWANGPERL/Test-AutomationFramework-0.060.04 - 06 Dec 2013 07:28:04 GMT - Search in distribution

Template::Benchmark - Pluggable benchmarker to cross-compare template systems.

Template::Benchmark provides a pluggable framework for cross-comparing performance of various template engines across a range of supported features for each, grouped by caching methodology. If that's a bit of a mouthful... have you ever wanted to fin...

SGRAHAM/Template-Benchmark-1.09 - 18 Oct 2010 09:30:20 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Magpie - Mocking framework with method stubs and behaviour verification

Test::Magpie is a test double framework heavily inspired by the Mockito framework for Java, and also the Python-Mockito project. In Mockito, you "spy" on objects for their behaviour, rather than being upfront about what should happen. I find this app...

STEVENL/Test-Magpie-0.11 - 16 Aug 2013 08:36:22 GMT - Search in distribution

Sub::Spy - Sub::Spy is subref wrapper that records arguments, return value, and exception thrown.

Sub:Spy provies the way to inspect each subref calls. It might be useful for testing callback-style interface or asyncronous subref call. (e.g. AnyEvent)...

ZENTOOO/Sub-Spy-0.04 - 28 Oct 2011 09:06:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Kantan - simple, flexible, fun "Testing framework"

Test::Kantan is a behavior-driven development framework for testing Perl 5 code. It has a clean, obvious syntax so that you can easily write tests....

TOKUHIROM/Test-Kantan-0.40 - 22 Sep 2014 10:18:10 GMT - Search in distribution


ALEXBYK/Evo-0.0405 - 18 Jul 2017 22:54:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Text::Twiddler - Twiddle text for any type of output

Show a 'twiddled' (IE animated) message, perhaps during a long running operation or for a neat effect. What is nice is that, in the example in the synopsis, the animation is approximated to the actual state of the process. In other words, if the comm...

DMUEY/Text-Twiddler-0.0.1 - 30 Mar 2008 16:57:06 GMT - Search in distribution

Test::Mocha - Test double framework with method stubs and behaviour verification

Test::Mocha is a test double framework inspired by Java's Mockito. It offers a different approach to other mocking frameworks in that instead of setting up the expected behaviour beforehand you ask questions about interactions after execution of the ...

STEVENL/Test-Mocha-0.64 - 30 Sep 2015 08:44:56 GMT - Search in distribution

Hash::Spy - run code when a has is changed

This module allows to attach to a hash a set of callbacks that will be invoked when it is changed in specific ways. EXPORT The following subroutine can be imported from the module: spy_hash(%hash, %hooks) The acceptable hooks are as follows: store =>...

SALVA/Hash-Spy-0.01 - 22 Apr 2013 15:55:57 GMT - Search in distribution

WSDL::Generator - Generate wsdl file automagically

You know folks out there who use another language than Perl (huh?) and you want to release a SOAP server for them 1/ that's very kind of you 2/ you need to generate a wsdl file 3/ this module can help Because Perl is dynamically typed, it is a fantas...

PDENIS/WSDL-Generator-0.04 - 19 Jan 2009 06:22:35 GMT - Search in distribution

SuperPython - Perl filter module to implement the SuperPython language

This module implements a Perl source filter for the SuperPython language, allowing SuperPython code to be embedded into Perl programs. SuperPython brings to Perl all the benefits of Python's vaunted whitespace-sensitivity, including readability, main...

MJD/SuperPython-0.91 - 01 Apr 2001 22:38:40 GMT - Search in distribution

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