HTTP::Monkeywrench - Web testing application

HTTP::Monkeywrench is a test-harness application to test the integrity of a user's path through a web site. To run HTTP::Monkeywrench->test(), first set up a Perl script that contains sessions (described below), settings if desired (also described be...

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App::lcpan - Manage your local CPAN mirror

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Apache::Recorder - mod_perl handler to record HTTP sessions

The Apache::Recorder module is an implementation of a session recorder, much like a macro recorder that you might use with a GUI application. It allows you to "record" each of the clicks that you make during an http session for later playback. Howeve...

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HTTP::RecordedSession - Class to interface with serialized clicks from Apache::Recorder

HTTP::RecordedSession will correctly format the output of Apache::Recorder for a script that uses either HTTP::Monkeywrench or HTTP::WebTest. The HTTP::RecordedSession::new() method accepts a hashref with three possible elements: * config_id: This is...

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HTTP::WebTest - Testing static and dynamic web content

Introduction This module runs tests on remote URLs containing Perl/JSP/HTML/JavaScript/etc. and generates a detailed test report. This module can be used "as-is" or its functionality can be extended using plugins. Plugins can define test types and pr...

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HTTP::WebTest::Plugin::Apache - Plugin for local web file tests

This plugin adds support for local web file test mode to HTTP::WebTest. In this mode Apache is started on a private/dynamic port with a configuration file in a temporary directory and HTTP::WebTest runs its tests against local web files using this te...

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