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MooseX::NonMoose - easy subclassing of non-Moose classes 11 ++

"MooseX::NonMoose" allows for easily subclassing non-Moose classes with Moose, taking care of the annoying details connected with doing this, such as setting up proper inheritance from Moose::Object and installing (and inlining, at "make_immutable" t...

DOY/MooseX-NonMoose-0.26   (1 review) - 25 Feb 2014 23:17:57 GMT - Search in distribution

MouseX::NonMoose - MouseX::Foreign plus drop-in compatibility with Any::Moose 2 ++

MouseX::NonMoose is a thin wrapper around MouseX::Foreign, so as to be used with Any::Moose and MooseX::NonMoose; AUTHOR Fuji, Goro (gfx) <gfuji(at)cpan.org> LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT Copyright (c) 2011, Fuji, Goro (gfx). All rights reserved. This librar...

GFUJI/MouseX-Foreign-1.000   (1 review) - 10 Apr 2014 22:08:12 GMT - Search in distribution

YADA - "Yet Another Download Accelerator": alias for AnyEvent::Net::Curl::Queued 4 ++

Use AnyEvent::Net::Curl::Queued with fewer keystrokes. Also, the *easy things should be easy* side of the package. For the *hard things should be possible* side, refer to the complete AnyEvent::Net::Curl::Queued documentation. USAGE The example in "S...

SYP/AnyEvent-Net-Curl-Queued-0.047   (1 review) - 26 Feb 2014 16:25:44 GMT - Search in distribution

Moo - Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility) 142 ++

This module is an extremely light-weight subset of Moose optimised for rapid startup and "pay only for what you use". It also avoids depending on any XS modules to allow simple deployments. The name "Moo" is based on the idea that it provides almost ...

HAARG/Moo-1.005000   (6 reviews) - 10 Jun 2014 07:46:34 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::Moose - Moose in a box 2 ++

This Task installs Moose and then optionally installs a number of Moose extensions listed below. This list is meant to be comprehensive, so if I missed something please let me know. MODULES Make Moose Stricter MooseX::StrictConstructor Making Moose c...

DOY/Task-Moose-0.03 - 27 Sep 2009 17:58:01 GMT - Search in distribution

MooseX::Alien - Extend a non-Moose class with Moose ++

The fact that Moose objects are hashrefs means it is easy to use Moose to extend non-Moose classes, as long as they too are hash references. This role usses an approach similar to the defined in Moose::Cookbook::FAQ. However this role will call BUILD...

GBARR/MooseX-Alien-1.01   (1 review) - 21 Sep 2009 13:45:44 GMT - Search in distribution

WebNano::Controller - WebNano Controller 1 ++

This is the WebNano base controller. It's handle method dispatches the request to appropriate action method or to a next controller. The action method should return a string containing the HTML page, a Plack::Response object or a code ref. If there i...

ZBY/WebNano-0.007 - 19 May 2012 09:04:02 GMT - Search in distribution

Moose::Manual::FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Moose 209 ++
ETHER/Moose-2.1210   (19 reviews) - 03 Jul 2014 16:09:35 GMT - Search in distribution

Task::BeLike::GETTY - be like GETTY (without the insanity hopefully) -- use what drives his gears 1 ++
GETTY/Task-BeLike-GETTY-20130420.000 - 20 Apr 2013 23:26:24 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::ResultSet - Represents a query used for fetching a set of results. 172 ++

A ResultSet is an object which stores a set of conditions representing a query. It is the backbone of DBIx::Class (i.e. the really important/useful bit). No SQL is executed on the database when a ResultSet is created, it just stores all the condition...

RIBASUSHI/DBIx-Class-0.08270   (15 reviews) - 31 Jan 2014 05:53:51 GMT - Search in distribution

lib/Momo.pm 3 ++

Why I want to write this module? If you heard about Moose or Moo,you know they are pretty module for perl object-oriented program. Compare with old style of perl5 object-oriented program: package Foo; BEGIN{ push @ISA,"Some::SuperClass"; } # or use b...

TOMORROW/Momo-1.2 - 29 Mar 2014 04:33:25 GMT - Search in distribution

Statistics::FactorAnalysis - A Perl implementation of Factor Analysis using the Principal Component Method. ++

Factor analysis is a statistical method by which the variability of a large set of observed variables is described in terms of a smaller set of unobserved variables termed factors. Factor analysis uses the premise that data observed from such a large...

DSTH/Statistics-FactorAnalysis-0.0-2 - 18 Dec 2009 00:38:34 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::ResultSet::PgLog - ResultSet base class for DBIx::Class::PgLog ++

This resultset class enables logging for database updates made by calling "delete" in DBIx::Class::ResultSet and "update" in DBIx::Class::ResultSet. This includes any updates made by methods which rely on the above, like "set_\$rel" in DBIx::Class::R...

SHEEJU/DBIx-Class-PgLog-0.01 - 30 Jul 2013 09:02:34 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::ResultSet::AuditLog 8 ++

This resultset class enables logging for database updates made by calling "delete" in DBIx::Class::ResultSet and "update" in DBIx::Class::ResultSet. This includes any updates made by methods which rely on the above, like "set_\$rel" in DBIx::Class::R...

IONCACHE/DBIx-Class-AuditLog-0.6.1 - 16 May 2014 14:46:50 GMT - Search in distribution

DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader::Base - Base DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader Implementation. 27 ++

This is the base class for the storage-specific "DBIx::Class::Schema::*" classes, and implements the common functionality between them. CONSTRUCTOR OPTIONS These constructor options are the base options for "loader_options" in DBIx::Class::Schema::Lo...

ILMARI/DBIx-Class-Schema-Loader-0.07040   (2 reviews) - 27 May 2014 18:19:41 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::SchemaProxy - Proxy Schema Methods and Options from Model 12 ++

Allows you to call your DBIx::Class::Schema methods directly on the Model instance, and passes config options to your DBIx::Class::Schema and DBIx::Class::ResultSet attributes at "BUILD" time. Methods and attributes local to your "Model" take precede...

ILMARI/Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema-0.63 - 05 May 2014 22:04:55 GMT - Search in distribution

Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::ResultRoles - Automatically applying Moose Roles to Result-Classes at BUILD time ++

This module is a trait for DBIC based Catalyst models. It hooks to the models BUILD process and appies a set of Moose Roles to each loaded resultclass. This makes it possible to customize the resultclasses without changing the automaticaly created DB...

LUKAST/Catalyst-TraitFor-Model-DBIC-Schema-ResultRoles-0.011 - 19 May 2011 10:14:02 GMT - Search in distribution

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